Enjoy reading and learning @ MACLIC Library Information CentreKnowledge area

Library Hours: Monday to Friday – 8.30 am to 4pm

Librarian: Florence Micoud
Library assistant: Doreen Hale, Kenna Fraser
Phone: 03 443 9901 ext 816
Email: micoudf@mtaspiring.school.nz

The pit and the fiction areaMAC LIC offers a range of information resources for the school community and promotes students’ independent information literacy skills for efficient and life-long learning.

Students are invited to visit the library during break and lunchtime. Chess games are available.

Book Club is usually organised once a week at lunchtime.

Library Rules

Always record your book/s at Issue deskReading Corner

  • You can borrow up to 4 items
  • Return within 3 weeks
  • No food or drink
  • Be quiet and respect the peace


  • 6000 fiction books, New Zealand (have a kiwi on the spine) or international quality fiction for teenagers
  • 5000 knowledge books, organized along the Dewey classification, that covers the college curriculum and teenage related topics
  • 400 Reference Books: Encyclopedias, yearbooks, thematic encyclopedias, dictionaries, atlases and large books… They are NOT FOR LOAN
  • 1000 picture books, graphic novels and Breezy reads
  • 60 Magazines collections
  • Daily Newspapers available for reading in the library
  • A range of audiobooks, selected educational videos and DVDs
  • More than 100 ebooks available for loan for free on http://maclic.wheelers.co/
  • 4 computers for OPAC and Internet access
  • Information Files: Clippings from magazines and newspapers on ‘hot topics’ or local issues
  • Careers resources and personal assistance information

Finding Resources

The Library catalogue will be accessible online soon. Now only accessible from the library computers, it tells you what is available in the library, where to find it and whether it is on loan or not.

Type one word first: the author’s surname, a keyword, a word of the title or a genre. If you get too many results, use the keyword search. To view the details about a book from the list, click on Show. Then look for its “Status”. If it is in, check the “Location”and note or remember the “Spine Label”.

When doing a research, think on using the encyclopedias to get a whole lot of information and refine your keywords.

Borrowing Resources

It is your responsibility to issue your book. Come to the issue desk and give the librarian your name and your book/s so that she records your loan/s. Alternatively, fill in the borrowing sheet legibly on the desk. Books are issued for three weeks. If a book is out, it can be reserved.Rain

Take care of books:

  • protect them from the rain and food,
  • read with clean hands,
  • use bookmarks (take one at issue desk -free)!


You can now see which books are issued to you on the parent portal and the overdue books are displayed in red.

Once a term, an email is sent to the student showing overdue books. A week later, an email is sent to the students and the parents. When the books are long overdue, a replacement fee is added on the student’s school account. When the book is returned, the fee is removed from the account. All books need* to be returned (or paid for) before leaving school and/or before the end-of-year prize-giving ceremonies in order for the students to get their magazines.

* necessary for our stock takes and yearly budget procedures, by Ministry of Education order.