MAC Library online presence

New Books, news, and photos are available online so we invite you to:
And you can visit the real library from 8.30am to 4pm every school day, showing as MACLIC on the college map.

Scholastic catalogues

scholastic issue 1

All year 7 and 8 students have received a Scholastic catalogue. They contain a variety of books and goodies at excellent prices, great incentives for students to read and ideal presents.

Payments can be done directly online on the LOOP facility on the Scholastic website.

Please place your order by the 15th February.

Choose Mount Aspiring College when you sign up. Items ordered will be delivered by the librarian directly to the students. Further Scholastic catalogues will be distributed throughout the year.

Scholastic offers book vouchers to the college so your purchases benefit your library. Thank you!

Welcome to Mount Aspiring College Library in 2019

As the college grows so does the library attendance. It is great!

Lots of new books await their next readers on the shelves and the librarians are ready to help with books and information inquiries.

Students can borrow up to 4 books for 3 weeks. Remember to record your book loan at the issue desk, either filling in the self-issue form or the librarian will scan it for you.

The library is open from 8.30 to 4 every school day, including at interval and lunchtime. Please eat before or after you come in as books don’t like sticky fingers!

The library is a great place to relax and find quietness in a very busy college. So please come here to read or study or chat quietly and respect the peace.

Enjoy reading! Enjoy your library!

Check out the library display

Here at Mount Aspiring college library, there is a prominent display area right across the entrance.

Librarians hand-pick fiction and non-fiction books on a specific theme, usually in line with current events of the college.

Displays invite you to discover books you may not have looked for, yet might interest you, or be useful to you.

Displays are changed regularly so always give the display a glance and pick up a good book!

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Sport reading: Win-Win!

Reading about sport is good for your sport practice
You’ll win vocabulary, tactics and tips, inspiration and enthusiasm.


Reading about sport is good for reading!
Reading about what you’re interested in is more engaging so you’ll read more and as you know, reading is good for you!.



So grab a book from the Sport books display, fiction or knowledge, it’s good for you! Or choose a knowledge book about your favourite sport in the 79 section.

Read what you enjoy, Enjoy reading!


The library holds a small collection of audiobooks and has the corresponding books.

The town library also has a collection of audiobooks that we can borrow for our students for free.

If you look for a specific title that we don’t have, then remember that audiobooks are fairly cheap, so you can buy and download them on your own device.
Online sources:
It is also always worth checking on Wheelers or BookDepository.
Happy book listening!

2017 Favourite Books

In 2017, students designed posters of their favourite books. The posters have been decorating the library and acting as book recommendations for a year. Here the books students prefer!

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Here is an interesting word cloud of the keywords of the favourite books posters. Humourous, Adventure and Mystery are favourite genres!