Library Week Wrap up

Fishing surprise books was the most popular feature and we’ll do it again next year. Not only the fishing was fun, but making a pledge to read your catch did take you beyond your reading habits and most of you seemed to enjoy it.

 7RU class participated in the national writing competition and sent their paragraphs nearly every day. The final story is available on the Magazine display and online on the Library Week website .

Congratulation to Ngaia O’Hagan for submitting a great book review

 The library window is progressively covered with “Favourite Book” notes. There are still some ‘Surprises” left for the participants. So come along, write your favourite book on the note, stick it up on the window and ask the librarian for your reward…
Favourite Book notes are useful to help you find a good book to read. Look at what other boys or girls your age have liked, you might well like it too!

29 books recommendations have been posted, mostly for more vampire stories and the shapeshifter series. The books will be available shortly. And there was that funny request of “REMOVING those Twilight books“. Well, in fact it is easy to pretend they are not in the library as they are always issued and hardly ever reach the shelves…

And of course we had a great story time (see post below)…

Library Week II @ MACLIC

poster sample

Activities and competitions are prolonged at MACLIC until Friday 21st August 09 .

My Favourite Book Poster Competition

To Win: iceblock vouchers for each valid entry, a TWILIGHT book and a CHERUB book to win for the best ones! Come to the library any time during two weeks. See details below.

Interactive display

Contribute to our colourful interactive display. Choose a genre form, write your favourite book title on it and choose a place to paste it on the library window.

book character Mufti day

 Friday 21th August: Your Favourite Book Character
$1 if you are dressed up ~ $2 if not

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