Book your Holiday Reading Pack!

How about you give a kick to your reading habits during the holidays?

Register below for a Reading Holiday Pack by Wednesday 2nd July.

The librarian will selects 10 books specially for you, to extend your reading level while nurturing your pleasure for reading and deliver them to you in class on the last day of the term.



Holiday reading packs

Following the SHRIMP programme  created by Pam Garry, Librarian at John Mc Glashan College and Slanza award recipient, MACLIC presents the MAC Holiday Reading Pack.

Holiday packEach pack will contain:

  • 10 books chosen by the librarian based on the student’s reading history and information provided in the form below,
  • The list of  books read by the student in the past year to share with parents and prompt discussions,
  •  and a surprise!

The pack will be delivered in class on the last day of the term. The bag must be returned with the books in the first week of term 2.

SORRY, TOO LATE TO ENROL NOW but the service will be re-offered before next holidays.

Find a book that interests YOU

Read_what_you_enjoyReading for your pleasure will make other reading tasks easier. Here is how to find books you enjoy.

What do you like? Sports, travels or scary films? Enter a keyword in the library catalogue and explore the results list.

Ask your friends to suggest books they enjoyed or even to come with you to the library to help you choose a book. You know how easier it is to find nice clothes when shopping with your BF.  Same for a good book.

Find a book like the one you enjoyed. How to do that? Find the book in the library catalog. Then click on See Also then on Related subject. Choose a subject and explore the results. See_also

Online, you can explore Read Alike lists on GoodReads for example. 

Use book lists and posters in the library: There is a green Book lists folder on the trolley, genre posters and book suggestions posters. Also check the Book lists page.

Browse the shelves, look for a title, a colour, a cover that you like. Read the blurb at the back. Open the book to see the font size, read the first chapter or a random paragraph.  

Ask the librarian. “Can you please recommend a good book on … ?” or “Are there any other books like … ?” 

Browse books in a shop: Books covers are usually facing you so they might “talk” to you more than spines. It is the same online, at Wheelers or Amazon. Once you know the book you want, come to the library to borrow it or ask me to buy it for you!

Explore and join a reader’s online community.

  • Goodreads to “Meet your next favourite book”: I use it to choose books for our library ;
  • Library Thing is a major book lovers site to explore ;
  • Shelfari is noteworthy too, more US centered though.

To enjoy reading, read a book you like!

Reading is good for you

A study published in December 2013 has demonstrated that reading increases brain activity. 17 students were asked to read a novel and had an MRI every morning. “On the days after the reading, significant increases in connectivity were discovered on hubs in the brain…”

Enjoy_ReadingReading is good for school achievement. In 2012, Nick Gibb, the UK School Minister, said that “Reading books for just half an hour a day could be worth up to 12 months’ extra schooling by the age of 15“. In New Zealand, a study carried out in 2006 had linked academic success and reading: High performers were more likely to read widely, use a library, have access to a range of books in their home, and enjoy reading (page 158).

Reading is good for social skills. A new research published in October found that “Reading literary fiction improves empathy“. In this study, the choice of book is important. In short, easy reads, whether thrillers or romance, are written to entertain the reader; little thinking is involved. Literary works on the contrary, engages the reader to imagine the unsaid or to elaborate characters, therefore sharpen the ability to understand others’ emotions.

Reading reduces stress levelsIn 2009, a research compared the heart rates and muscle tension of participants involved in different ways to relax.  Reading was the most effective way to overcome stress, more effective than listening to music, having a cup of tea, or even going for a walk!

Reading is good for your sleep! A study from the National Sleep Foundation conducted in 2004 concludes that reading as part of the bedtime routine will ensure a better sleep. 

Studies have also shown that reading throughout life is good for older people, even reduces the Alzheimer risk but I doubt I can convince teenagers to read using this reason!

Book lists for summer reading

What to read this summer? Which book to offer to please for sure? Here are lists to help you decide.

Click here for information on where to get them.

Number 1 !

MAC Favourite

Here are Mount Aspiring College most read books per year level. These lists are a bit rough as they are simply reports from the database, sorry, but they definitely reflect the most popular reads. They are not all good literature and some content is debatable… that’s why kids love them!

Librarian’s choice

Librarian’s choice lists are a mix of classic must-read books, award-winning or unforgettable stories.

Other Top books lists

Leave a comment below to recommend your favourite book!

Where to get these books

  • From the town library, it’s free! Here is their online catalogue.
  • From the local shop. You can phone to check if they have the book or order it.Wheelers_promo
  • From Wheelers, our main online book provider, who offer book credits to our school when you order (choose Mt Aspiring College at the checkout).
  • From Whitcoulls, who provided the excellent list above, have shops in Queenstown and also offer online sales.
  • Amazon of course have all the books of the creation, new and used, but the freight is often doubling the price of the book and it only says it at the checkout. Be careful! Amazon also offers the widest range of ebooks, but here again be aware that they cannot be read by many ereaders  (Kobo, Sony, Laser), only by Kindle ereaders. They can however be read on any Ipad or computer-like tablet or computer, using a Kindle App or reading on the cloud.
  • Finally, Book Depository established in tax-free Guernsey Island has unbeatable prices on new books and freight is free!

Offer a book for Christmas!

Book trailers

QR on shelves

New in the library!

Some QR codes are progressively added on the shelves to take you to selected book trailers. Book trailers are a short promotional animation or video that present a book. They are a great 2-ways bridge between the printed and online world.

Explore the library,  scan and enjoy! You may need to download a QR code reader App on your phone first.

Here are many book trailer sites:

Here you’ll find more book trailer sites and learn how to make book trailers

Summer reading

Summer holiday is the perfect time to catch up on some reading, either books you always-wanted-but-did-not-have-time-to read, or something new. Here is a Scoop It of “Best reads for teenagers” ideas. Enjoy exploring !

Also worth a “Like” is the OtagoPageTurners page on Facebook, which is designed by the National Library as a place for teenagers in Otago to get and share news about books, authors of books, movies based on books…

As the College library is closed, it is time to visit the town library and browse the great Young Adult section. It is free to get a card.

Oh! And before you go off, please return all the books that belong to the college. We need them for stocktaking.

Library week : On your marks…

Library week will run from Monday 13th to Friday 17th August, as the library house competition.

The library week is the occasion to have fun, share our love for reading, redecorate the library AND earn points in the College House Competition.

Here is how you can get points for your house:

  • Design a poster to promote reading OR a book you love (1 point) – best one earns 3 points (staff posters will also bring one point to their house, but do not qualify to win)
  • Create a video clip to promote reading OR a book you love (2 points) – Best one earns 6 points
  • Write and draw a graphic novel to promote reading OR a book you love (2 points) – Could be with –  Best one earns 6 points
  • Invent and perform a song to promote reading OR a book you love (3 points) – Best one earns 9 points
  • Senior students read a story aloud (1 point) – lunchtime in the library or with adult (from a different house) witness – or at the radio!

A list of reading slogans will be provided as well as guidelines for the minimum content for a book promotion.
All qualifying entries will be displayed in the library and the best ones will be published on the library website.

For the library house competition, on your marksget set…

High-interest Easy-to-read Books for Boys Year 9 / Year 10

So you do not like to read yet? Surely there are good books you will enjoy in the library.

How to find a book for you with the library catalogue:

What are YOU interested in? Hunting? Skateboarding? Dating? Humorous or Scary? Extreme? Type one word in the library catalogue. Or try to type the words “reluctant” or “easy”.

Scroll the list of results to find a book that you may like, open the record details and read the Subjects, Notes and keywords to decide if you will like it. 

How to find a book for you in the shelves:

Find narrow books, or book published by Barrington Stoke.

Look for large fonts and short chapters.

Read the blurb on the back of the book. Open the book. Read one paragraph. If there are more than two words you do not read or know, then find an easier book.

Browse the Graphic Novels and Breezy reads (picture books area).

Or pick a book from the lists below or ask your librarian 🙂

When you have chosen, always record your book at the issue desk.

Good Books

Title Author Description Location
A.N.T.I.D.O.T.E. Malorie Blackman Elliot’s Mum is arrested for breaking into a giant pharmaceutical company… BLA
The Last Boy June Colbert When Ben emerges from his hiding place, he is the last person on Earth… COL
The wish list Eoin Colfer Meg dies perfectly balanced between good and evil… Can she save her soul? COL
Fifteen Love Robert Corbet Told from two perspectives, about daily life and a burgeoning relationship COR
Shelf Life Robert Corbet Short stories of people in charge of different supermarket aisles COR
A Good Keen Man Barry Crump NZ yarn CRU
Bruises: Boys don’t cry Archie Fusillo Hard hitting novel dealing with teen culture in schools FUS
Touch Me James Moloney Boy/girl relationship MOL
Trash Andy Mulligan Kids survive on a dump, until they find a purse… MUL
Holes Louis Sachar Stanley Yelnats is sent to a detention centre for a crime he did not commit… SAC
Milkweek Jerry Spinelli Street children innocently surviving the Holocaust. Poignant! SPI
To Die For Mark Svendsen A thrilling fishing story SVE
The Underdog Marcus Zusak ‘Boys are like dogs – ready to bite, bark, and beg to be given a chance to show their value.’ (Back cover) ZUC

Good Authors

Title Author Description Location
2Much4u, Boyznbikes Vince Ford Funny, real life stories FOR
Boy Overboard, Once… Morris Gleitzman Great easy to read war stories GLE
Burnt, Groosham Grange… Horowitz Quick reads – Horror, creepy stories HOR
Uncanny (and others) Paul Jennings Humour JEN
Hatchet, and sequels: the Return, the River… Gary Paulsen Brian, stranded alone in a crash in the wilderness, survives with just a hatchet… PAU
Rani & Sukh, Dream on Bali Rai Real life stories, of street kids, family, soccer… RAI

Good Series

Series Author Description Location
Cherub Robert Muchamore  Kids are trained to spy and survive in dangerous missions MUC
Hunger Games Suzanne Collins TV reality game, to death… COL
HIVE Higher Institute of Villainous Education Mark Walden Full of baddies, action and lashing of humour WAL
Animorphs K. A. Applegate Friends are given the power to morph… APP
My Story             Examples:
Blitz (CRO)
The Mine’s Afire (BAT)
Sitting on the Fence (NAG)
Various authors Based on true stories, a young person writes a diary of the time or event…  
Saga of Darren Shan Darren Shan Plenty of horror and macabre… SHA
World of Adventure Gary Paulsen Action-packed, danger, excitement in those Breezy reads PAU/B
Alex Rider Anthony Horowitz Perfect spy and action hero chasing all criminals and surviving the worst situations HOR
Tomorrow series John Marsden When Australian teenagers see the war coming… MAR

Good Knowledge books

Theme Examples Location
Personal Life issues Chicken soup for the teenage soul
A child called It
Relationship issues The courage to be strong 302.5
War stories The secret agent and other spy kids
War torn
Sport stories Legs on Everest 796.52
Hunting stories Deer were their lives 799.2
Biographies : real person’s lives Willie Apiata, the reluctant hero 92 API
History stories True stories of D-Day 940.54