Stu Duval at MAC

We had the privilege to welcome Stu Duval at Mount Aspiring College for 2 engaging sessions to all year 7 and 8 classes, one of story telling and one creative writing workshop.


How inspiring, engaging, useful and fun!

If you want to purchase his books, there are order forms at the library. Bring the completed form and money to the office by Monday 20th June.

Bob presents lots of great books


Last Thursday, Bob Docherty came to our school and presented lots of excellent books to a dozen of junior classes. He kept the crowd focused and entertained. 

Here are the lists of books he presented:

Come to the library to reserve one or several of them.

Check out Bob’s blog for lots of books recommendations.

Publish your book!

To celebrate NZ Book Month, Derek Grzelewski talked in assembly to our students and encouraged aspiring writers to self-publish. “While Gutenberg press created a new era of knowledge diffusion“, he said, “ebook new revolution empowers everyone to publish their work, for free!

100_7356In the Q&A session that followed, he shared the main resources to do so.

  • Kindle Direct Publishing to create your Amazon kindle e-book
  • IBooks Author, to create and publish multi-touch books for iPad.
  • Smashword to publish and distribute ebooks to the major retailers, fast, free and easy for any author or publisher, anywhere in the world.

On his BestSellerLab blog, Jonathan Gunson offers practical advice on how to get published and grow your readership.

And here is a list of writing, poetry and film competitions to test your writing skills.

NZ Book Month at MAC

March is New Zealand book month. Let’s celebrate. Let’s talk books, let’s talk writing… Here are some activities to help!

A whanau quiz will test your New Zealand books and authors knowledge.

There will be local authors talks:
• On Wednesday 20th in Assembly, Derek Grzelewski, author of Trout Diaries
• End of Month: Russell Mawhinney, author of Blogs of the travel bugs.
• And perhaps more…

Students are invited to come to the library and fill in a New Zealand Book Month Competition form: Vote for your favourite New Zealand author and name a book that changed your life. Individual prize: $10 PaperPlus voucher

And $5 Book vouchers will be distributed to students, to spend on books at PaperPlus by the end of March.

Maori Language week !

04 July – 10 July 2011

  • Participate in the whanau Quiz, to add points to your house
  • Maori display in the library, with fantastic authentic items thanks to MAC maori teacher, with free leaflets
  • Maori signage throughout the school
Lots of books in the library :
– Maori authors : Gavin Bishop BIS /P, Alan Duff  DUF, Patricia Grace GRA, Keri Hulme HUL, Witi Ihimaera  IHI, Kelly Ana Morey MOR, Apirana Taylor TAY
– Maori culture 306
– Maori myths 398.2 (also in Picture books area, with lots of new bi-lingual books)
– In history of New Zealand 993.1
– and many more, check the library catalogue.
And many resources on Maori language week website.

Te reo Give it a go!

Kara whiua!

New Zealand Book Month

March is the month to celebrate books and reading. A 2010 study by M. Evans confirms that “Children growing up in homes with books get 3 more years schooling than children with bookless homes, independant of their parents’ education, occupation and class“.

The theme this year is “The power of Books”. Explore New Zealand Book Month website to find out how people life was changed by books and discover your next life-changing book. You can leave a comment here to tell us which book has changed your life and how.

The results of last years “All-time Favourite books” voted by New Zealanders are displayed in the library. Most of them are available in MACLIC.

Each student will be given a voucher to get $5 off a book purchased during March 2011 in the local Bookstore.

Another focus of this year’s book month is Reading Aloud. Enter the competition “Who’s your reading super hero?” to win loads of prizes.

Reading Aloud is fundamental. It builds strong relationships, it’s fun and rewarding. So share a book, an article, a chapter, an encyclopedia entry with your mates or family…

Most of all, enjoy reading!

Audiobooks & Multimedia section

An audiobook is a reading of a book by the author or by an actor recorded on tape or CD.

MACLIC has a collection of 50 audiobooks which you can borrow, together with the book, if you wish to follow the text. Listening to an audiobook is a bit like being read aloud, it is easy and lively. It is great when you travel. If you struggle to read, audiobooks will help you greatly and will offer you the pleasure of discovering a story.

MACLIC also offers more than 20 selected or donated documentaries DVD and videos.

You will also find a few music CDs, mainly donated by Real Groove and NZ Symphonic Orchestra.

Have a look next to the library office. Ask the librarian for the CDs.

Click here for the list of all the section’s titles:

March 2009 NEW Books

Fiction books
War of the robots, by Trevor Baxendale (Doctor Who)- BAX
Team play and Horse games, by Bonnie Bryant (Saddle Club)- BRY
Harsh Cry of the Heron, by Lian Hearn (Tales of the Otori)- HEA
Heaven’s net is wide, by Lian Hearn (Tales of the Otori)- HEA
A Thousand Splendid Suns, by Khaled Hosseini – HOS
Baboon, by David Jones – JON
The escape, by Robert Muchamore (Cherub)- MUC
The killing, by Robert Muchamore (Cherub)- MUC
My sister’s keeper, by Jodi Picoult – PIC
The Ringmaster, by Vanda Symon NZ – SYM
Ben Brown’s adventure beyond the Universe, by Michael Thorp NZ – THO
Kiss, by Jacqueline Wilson – WIL
We, by Evgeniaei Ivanovitch Zamiatin – ZAM

Knowledge books
100 Amazing Make-it-Yourself Science Fair projects, by Glen Vecchione – 507.8
How to watch a bird, by Steve Braunias NZ – 598
New Zealand Whitewater : 125 great kayaking runs, by Graham Charles NZ – 797.1
Don’t forget your scroggin: A how-to handbook for New Zealand Tramping, Sarah Bennett NZ – 796.51
Tramping in the South Island: more than 200 routes and tracks, by Sven Brabyn NZ – 796.51
Formula One, by Adrianna Morganelli – 796.7
2 deaths in 1 night : poems, by Janet Charman NZ – 821.9
Lovelock’s dream run: a play, by David Geary NZ – 822.2

Picture books
Herbert : the brave sea dog, Robyn Belton NZ – BEL /P
Tenderfoot, by Goscinny and Morris (Lucky Luke)- GOS /P
Maus, by Art Spiegelman – SPI /P


Writers On Wheels Tour in Mount Aspiring College The College was the lucky recipient of the Writers on Wheels tour,
organised by the New Zealand Book Council The writers included Steve Braunias (Non-fiction), Janet Charman (Poetry), Anna Mackenzie (Teen Fiction), Vanda Symon (Crime Fiction) and David Geary (Scriptwriting). Check out their profile on
More than 120 students listened attentively to them, telling how they became a writer and other stories…

The library now proudly owns some of their books… with autographs 🙂