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Planning for Christmas, Wheelers, who is our favourite books provider, has prepared a selection of the best books of the year.  Click on the image to choose.

At the checkout, you will be invited to select your organisation (Find Mt Aspiring College in the list) and Wheelers we will credit us with 10% of your total order value.

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Boys reads

Here at Mount Aspiring College, there are 28 boys among the 100 best borrowers (according to the library database). But 57% of knowledge books are borrowed by boys and they also read more magazines.

There are two main ways to encourage boys to read more fiction:

1- Male role models who read for pleasure, not just for the “usefulness”. Well done, Dads who read novels at home! We are looking for male book lovers in the community who would like to come and share their passion with our students. Leave a comment if you want to volunteer.
2- Offering a choice of good books for boys. And that’s my role.

So here is a selection of great new novels for boys – girls will like them too:

Funny business (spine SCI) is a collection of 10 Short stories guaranteed to delight and amuse, by award winning and favourite authors.

Hell Island, by Matthew Reilly (REI) is a novella where the famous hero Scarecrow faces his worst mission yet, dealing with classified experiments that have gone terribly wrong… A hundred page book that you might well read in one go.

Crash, by Jerry Spinelli (SPI) is best football player of the school, and he wears the most expensive clothes of the mall. Easy for him to laugh at nerd Penn Webb. Until a prank just goes too far… This award winning novel is an humorous glimpse of what jokes are made of…

Code Lightfall and the robot King, by Daniel Wilson (WIL) is the first book of a new series where Code must survive in a land of robots… An easy to read adventure novel, bursting with robotic twists and turns.

D-Day, by Bryan Perrett (PER) tells the story of Lieutenant Andy Pope who took part in the one of the deadliest battle of the Second World War. Experience history first-hand with “My story”, a series of vividly imagined accounts of life in the past.

Just a Dog, by Michael Gerard Bauer (BAU) is a daily life story told by a normal boy in a normal family, with a normal dog… But written by a multi award-winning author, in an easy-to-read engaging style. A great quick read.

The Devil’s Triangle, by Mark Robson (ROB) is an adventure where the Bermuda Triangle legend comes to life. Holidays, missing persons, fishing trips and solving a haunting puzzle, you’ll be hooked by the easy-to-read style and will be surprised!

Out of Shadows, by Jason Wallace (WAL) is a multi-award winning book. Set in Zimbabwe after the independence war, it tells the story of white boys and black boys… It is brave and devastating. The chapters are short to make it easier to take in.

Last but not least, two additions to our well stocked sports section (796), BMX tricks (796.6) and Skateboarding tricks (796.22) in the Freestyle series, featuring lots of photos and step-by-step guides.

It IS cool for boys to read!

Graphic Novels

A new study by  Carol L. Tilley, a professor of library and information science at Illinois University, shows that “comic books are just as sophisticated as other forms of literature, and children benefit from reading them at least as much as they do from reading other types of books”. Click here to read the University of Illinois press release.

There are several sorts of graphic novels:

Non-fiction graphic novels are bringing to life stories,  facts, figures or concepts. Global Warming book coverThere are many historical and science graphic novels. Check out the Knowledge picture books section in the library to find for example:

  • The story of Gladiators and the Colosseum, 937 /P *
  • Surprise attack! the Battle of Shiloh, 970 /P
  • Understanding Global Warming with MAX Axiom super scientist, 363.7 /P
  • Magic school bus books (for primary pupil). “Horrible” books are half graphic and are a good continuation of Ms Frizzle’s adventures (many are stored in the yellow box on the LEXILE book stand, others in the relevant Knowledge section).
  • Funny weather : everything you don’t want to know about climate change but probably should know, by Kate Evans, Knowledge section, 363.7
  • Warning: Asterix books are not historical graphic novels, despite being quite well documented and smart 😉 

LionRetold Classic literature is designed to help young students to access classic literature with a twist. The original text will generally be simplified. In MACLIC you will find:

  • A Christmas Carol, adapted from Charles Dickens, DIC /P
  • Jane Eyre, adapted from Charlotte Bronte, BRO /P
  • The Lion, the Witch & the Wardrobe, abridged from C.S. Lewis, LEW /P
  • Mr William Shakespeare’s plays. The words that Shakespeare actually wrote are spoken by the actors and the plot of the story is told underneath the pictures, SHA /P

It is a great way to access to our cultural heritage, but you actually miss the literary part of the works, so if you are a good reader, choose the original unchanged text.

Graphic novel series, like Tintin, Superman or Mangas are enjoyable and do help readers because they have relatively few words and the images contribute to the comprehension. All my children have become fluent readers in French thanks to our many comic books and once they can read, they can read more substantial texts.

Graphic novels stand alone are often remarkable pieces of art, combining plot, words and drawings. In some comics, nearly each picture could be made into a beautiful poster.  For example:

  • Rapunzel’s revenge, by Shannon, Dean and Nathan Hale, HAL /P
  • The invention of Hugo Cabret, by Brian Selznick, Fiction, Fiction area, SEL (This is a different form of graphic novel where text pages and image pages alternate)

MausMy favourite ones are the graphic novels with a message. The drawings add weight, meaning or emotions to the text. Check out:

  • A child in Palestine, by Naji Al-Ali, ALA /P
  • Palestine, by Joe Sacco, SAC /P
  • Persepolis: the story of a childhood, by Marjane Satrapi, SAT /P
  • Persepolis 2: The story of a Return, by Marjane Satrapi, SAT /P
  • Maus : a survivor’s tale, by Art Spiegelman, SPI /P

* /P means the books lives on the Picture Books Shelves

Riveting reads

Everyone's reading (SLA)A new Riveting Reads has just been added to our Library. It is a 100-pages lively list of awesome books for Everyone’s reading 11-18 compiled by UK School Library Association. Find this document on the Reference shelf where you’ll also find Boys into Books 11-14. Or click to search them online.

Boys into books (SLA)

They are organised by genre and we have added Tabs to help you reach your chapter easily: Boggle, experiment, explore, fast-forward, fear, go wild, imagine, indulge, investigate, laugh, look back,  play, spy, survive, think, train…

Read old or new classics – fact and fiction – and every genre and style of writing imaginable.

Not all the books listed here are in MACLIC but they are still great what-to-read-next tools.

The Ultimate Teen Book Guide (011 /R) is also available to help you find reading ideas.

Donated books

We very warmly thank our supporters who kindly offered these books to the library.

Donated Books 2009

  • The outdoor book for adventurous chaps : essential skills and activities for boys of all ages, by Adrian Besley and Peter Liddiard, 796.5.
  • The Call of the ice: fifty years of New Zealand in Antarctica, by David Harrowfield, 998.
  • Mao’s last dancer, by Cunxin Li, 92 LI. From unbelievable poverty to international stardom: the inspiring true story of one boy’s dream come true.
  • Stormbreaker, by Anthony Horowitz, HOR. First book of the Alex Rider series.
  • Brother sister soldier cousin, by Phyllis Johnston, JOH. A new novel about farm and family life in NZ during WWII
  • Mister Pip, by Lloyd Jones, JON. How an old man and a book support children in a war-torn tropical island.
  • Cookie, by Jacqueline Wilson, WIL. Another true-like story by favourite author

Now on the “New Books” trolley, not for long…



MACLIC logo invites parents and community
Tuesday 8th September 7.30pm

We are holding an open night in Mount Aspiring College’s library for parents and the community: we would like to invite you to both discover the College’s library and have an opportunity to contribute towards it.


  • Guided tour, slideshow, etc
  • A selection of Teenage books to purchase for your children or donate to the library (fundraiser for the library supported by Joy Brown ~ Young Reflections ~ Invercargill)

 You can also bring Teen Fiction or Magazines, in good condition, to donate to the library, for all the students to enjoy.

 *Wine kindly sponsored by Mount Maude and Minaret Peaks

Library Week Shopping for MACLIC

For library week, I went shopping books for you. Here I am, at the local bookshop, to get all the books you’ve asked for. If I buy books you like, you will read more, right?Ten fighter Boyes- Collins

Inkdeath, by Cornelia Funke, because MACLIC has Inkheart and Inkspell…

Ten Fighter Boys: WWII pilots tells their extraordinary stories in their own words, because it is true, short, incredibly fast-paced, the real thing…

Grace, by Morris Gleitzmann, because Once and Then have just been so popular

AvalancheThe Host, by Stephenie Meyer, because some people say it is as good as Twilight, another love story with a supernatural participant…

Slumdog Millionaire, by Vikas Swarup, the film tie-in of the original novel Q&A, a brilliant story with a cultural perspective

Picture Perfect, by Jodi Picoult, because you always want more of her books.

Library of the Dead, by Glenn Cooper, just because of the title. The back cover reveals it may be as good as the Da Vinci Code and I like the “Killer Read” sticker on it!Coraline - Neil Gaiman - Bloomsbury

Coraline, by Neil Gaiman, a fantasy/horror novel by amazing graphic novel author, and it is a film too.

Avalanche, by Jack Drummond, because I have been asked twice for it this week.

Unmentionable! , by Paul Jennings, because his books engage the young boys into reading so well.

It’s not about the bike, By Lance Armstrong, because you enjoy great people’s biographies.

A shopping spree for Library Week!

New Sport Books

Check out the “Recreation” section of the library with lots of new books about Sports:

Ball games
Soccer skills for young players 796.3
Rugby skills tactics and rules 796.33
Tana Umaga : a tribute to a rugby legend 796.33
Complete encyclopedia of golf techniques 796.35
Cricket portraits : a century of New Zealand’s best 796.35

Outdoors and mountaineering
Coast to Coast: The Great New Zealand Race 796.4
Our Olympic Century 796.40
Tracking & navigation 796.5
Don’t forget your scroggin : a how-to handbook for New Zealand tramping 796.51
Tramping in the South Island : Mount Richmond Forest Park to Arthur’s Pass 796.51
Avalanche Awareness in the New Zealand Backcountry 796.52
Classic Rock Climbing in New Zealand 796.52
Complete rock climber 796.52
High-tech legs on Everest 796.52
Hillary & Norgay : to the top of Mount Everest 796.52
Danger on the mountain: scaling the World’s Highest Peaks 796.52 /P (Picture Book)
Extreme climbing 796.52 /P (Picture Book)
Camp Out! 796.54

On Wheels
Formula One 796.7
MX bikes : evolution from primitive street machines to state of the art off-road machines 796.7

Snow sports
Illustrated Guide to Snowboarding 796.9
Snowboarding basics 796.9
Snowboarding skills 796.9
New Zealand Snowboarder Trick Tips 101 796.9 /AV (in Multimedia area)
Whiteslide : snowboarding journal 796.9 /P (in Picture Book Area)

Water sports
Boating for all : navigation, boat-handling and skill-building activities 797.1
New Zealand whitewater : 125 great kayaking runs 797.1
Matt’s Kiwi fishing adventures 799.1

Angels can fly : a modern clown user guide 791.3
Hip-hop dancing 793.3
Diary of a skateboarding freak 796.22 /P (in Picture Book Area)
Diary of Phar Lap 798

March 2009 NEW Books

Fiction books
War of the robots, by Trevor Baxendale (Doctor Who)- BAX
Team play and Horse games, by Bonnie Bryant (Saddle Club)- BRY
Harsh Cry of the Heron, by Lian Hearn (Tales of the Otori)- HEA
Heaven’s net is wide, by Lian Hearn (Tales of the Otori)- HEA
A Thousand Splendid Suns, by Khaled Hosseini – HOS
Baboon, by David Jones – JON
The escape, by Robert Muchamore (Cherub)- MUC
The killing, by Robert Muchamore (Cherub)- MUC
My sister’s keeper, by Jodi Picoult – PIC
The Ringmaster, by Vanda Symon NZ – SYM
Ben Brown’s adventure beyond the Universe, by Michael Thorp NZ – THO
Kiss, by Jacqueline Wilson – WIL
We, by Evgeniaei Ivanovitch Zamiatin – ZAM

Knowledge books
100 Amazing Make-it-Yourself Science Fair projects, by Glen Vecchione – 507.8
How to watch a bird, by Steve Braunias NZ – 598
New Zealand Whitewater : 125 great kayaking runs, by Graham Charles NZ – 797.1
Don’t forget your scroggin: A how-to handbook for New Zealand Tramping, Sarah Bennett NZ – 796.51
Tramping in the South Island: more than 200 routes and tracks, by Sven Brabyn NZ – 796.51
Formula One, by Adrianna Morganelli – 796.7
2 deaths in 1 night : poems, by Janet Charman NZ – 821.9
Lovelock’s dream run: a play, by David Geary NZ – 822.2

Picture books
Herbert : the brave sea dog, Robyn Belton NZ – BEL /P
Tenderfoot, by Goscinny and Morris (Lucky Luke)- GOS /P
Maus, by Art Spiegelman – SPI /P

Check out our new BOOKS on display… and start reading NOW.

New Fiction Books
Milad : the voyage to Ophir, by Anhar, Nazam -ANH
Whole truth, by Baldacci, David -BAL
Ender’s game, by Card, Orson Scott -CAR
Artemis Fowl : the Opal deception, by Colfer, Eoin -COL 770
Lionboy, by Corder, Zizou -COR
Aliens ate my homework, by Coville, Bruce -COV
Kin, by Dickinson, Peter-DIC
Bansi O’Hara and the bloodline prophecy, by Dougherty, John; De la Rue, James -DOU
Sword quest, by Fan, Nancy Yi -FAN
Swordbird, by Fan, Nancy Yi -FAN
Pirates galore, by Fleischman, Sid -FLE
Stone heart, by Fletcher, Charlie -FLE
Don’t kiss girls, by Flynn, Pat -FLY
Bumageddon : the final pongflict, by Griffiths, Andy -GRI
Bloodfever, by Higson, Charlie -HIG
Silverfin, by Higson, Charlie -HIG

The River Runs, by David Hill – HIL
Evil star, by Horowitz, Anthony -HOR
Mister Pip, by Jones, Lloyd-JON
Ruby key, by Lisle, Holly -LIS
Haunted city of gold, by MacKenzie, Jake -MAC
Naked and the Dead, by Mailer, Norman-MAI
Kristy and the walking disaster, by Martin, Ann M -MAR 650
Mad dogs, by Muchamore, Robert -MUC
Turing’s delirium, by Paz Soldan, Edmundo -PAZ
Golden Compass Audiobook, by Pullman, Philip -PUL /A
Contest, by Reilly, Matthew -REI
Beyond the deepwoods, by Stewart, Paul; Riddell, Chris -STE

Breezy Reads
ARE /B Halloween gotcha
ARE /B Bike daredevils
ARE /B Birthday party bedlam
ARE /B Space invaders

ARE /B Skateboard Dudes
ARE /B Pony club
BEA /B Annie and Mitch
HIL /B Between the lines
KET /B Doubles trouble
STO /B Dracula

New Knowledge Books
179.3 Animal Rights, Human Values, Social Action
503 /R Children’s science encyclopedia
507.8 100 amazing make-it-yourself science fair projects
551 A continent on the Move

551 Central Rocks: A guide to the geology and landscapes of Central
551.2 Volcanoes : the fiery mounts
574.92 Coral reefs
591 Watching wildlife
594 Collecting New Zealand sea-shells
598 Common and garden birds of New Zealand
612.6 Body image
613.8 Cannabis
622 New Zealand’s golden days
736 Pounamu : a stone of many uses
741.2 Drawing in perspective
791.4 New Zealand film-makers
796.35 Complete encyclopedia of golf techniques
808.3 Write your own adventure story
821 Another 100 New Zealand poems for children
829 Beowulf : dragonslayer
915.97 Vietnam : the people
916 South Africa : the people
918.6 Jamaica : the people
92 TOL Leo Tolstoy
940.54 New Zealanders of action in World War Two