What a term!

After the Favourite Book Festival running all August, the library is well decorated with colourful garlands and lots of Favourite Books recommendations.

Library windows 2014 002

There was then an Ancient Civilization display and New Revision Guides. The Picture books have been rearranged, the Knowledge area shelves have been extended and re-labelled. And lots of new books have been added to the fiction collection as always.

We often had two classes using the library at the same time which works well as there are three distinct spaces in the library. The Holiday Reading Packs have had an unprecedented success, finishing the term like a rocket!



Book your Holiday Reading Pack

Spring_holiday_reading_packWhat do you do during the holidays? Bike – Read – Socialize – Read – Contemplate – Read – Play – Read – Climb – Read…

Get a Holiday Reading Pack containing 10 books specially chosen for you.

Advantages of reading for pleasure:

  • Perfect brain gym
  • Perfect relaxation between stints of revisions and sporting activities
  • Proven improvement of your study skills (see a previous article “Reading is good for you”)
  • You’ll never be bored.

Fill in the form below by Wednesday 24th Sept and the librarian will deliver your Holiday Reading Pack to you in class on the last day of the term.

Too late now ! Sorry.

The offer will be on again before autumn holidays next year…

Top Tens

I recently found a good list of Top Ten Books for teens on The Guardian website. Written by famous authors of the genres, they give a good overview. The library has many of the books listed and can get them on demand.


MACLIC Top Ten in 2014 are:

  • The Recruit by Robert Muchamore,
  • The Hunger games by Suzanne Collins,
  • Geek girl by Holly Smale
  • Mockingjay by Suzanne Collins
  • Maximum security by Robert Muchamore,
  • Then by Morris Gleitzman,
  • Lily alone by Jacqueline Wilson,
  • Best friends by Jacqueline Wilson,
  • Catching fire by Suzanne Collins,
  • Running wild by Michael Morpurgo.

Book your Holiday Reading Pack!

How about you give a kick to your reading habits during the holidays?

Register below for a Reading Holiday Pack by Wednesday 2nd July.

The librarian will selects 10 books specially for you, to extend your reading level while nurturing your pleasure for reading and deliver them to you in class on the last day of the term.



Holiday reading packs

Following the SHRIMP programme  created by Pam Garry, Librarian at John Mc Glashan College and Slanza award recipient, MACLIC presents the MAC Holiday Reading Pack.

Holiday packEach pack will contain:

  • 10 books chosen by the librarian based on the student’s reading history and information provided in the form below,
  • The list of  books read by the student in the past year to share with parents and prompt discussions,
  •  and a surprise!

The pack will be delivered in class on the last day of the term. The bag must be returned with the books in the first week of term 2.

SORRY, TOO LATE TO ENROL NOW but the service will be re-offered before next holidays.

Te wiki o te reo māori – Maori language week

After the kapa haka house competition culminating last Friday with a full on challenge, let’s roll on to celebrate te reo māori – maori language: give it a go and have fun! This year’s theme is ingoa Māori, māori names. Click here to see activities in relation to this theme.

To participate and celebrate:

Check out the display at the whare pukapuka – library:


           māori language 

            māori authors 

             māori stories

Click here to search the maori language, authors and stories available in the college library. Or do your   own search with the link to the library catalogue on the right.

Puāwai, Te Kaitiakipukapuka

Welcome to 2013!

SunA few changes in the library have happened over the summer to accommodate for more books. Incredible how many books we can add each year in the same seemingly full space!

Welcome to all students and teachers! The library is the heart of the school. It provides for all your information needs and reading hungers. Visit and ask the librarian if you can’t find what you need.

Just 3 Rules:

You can borrow 4 books for 3 weeks
(return or renew after that);

Always ALWAYS  record your book loan at the Issue desk

No food and drink inside the library
(please eat before you come).

I am sure you can manage that, or I will help you!