Level 2 in the library


  • SANITIZE in – Sanitize out
  • SOCIAL DISTANCE: stay on crosses on the floor
  • ISSUE DESK: show the barcode of the book to the librarian who scans it. No self-issue (as it is via a shared pen)

Books are quarantined for 3 days on return.

The library will be locked at Interval and lunchtime after approximately 30 students are in.

One class at a time can book the library.


New normal in the library

Welcome to Term 2!

In Level 2, the new normal in the library is:

Sanitize in !
30 students maximum at any one time. So:
– 1 class each period
– interval and lunchtime: we let 30 students come in and lock the library. Only students who plan to stay the whole time are welcome.
Contact less issue:
– we ask student for their name
– they present the back of the book so we scan it.
It is best if they issue at the end of the period
Sanitize out!
For everyone’s safety, we clean and quarantine all the returned books for 3 days.
Enjoy off-screen time in a good book 😉

Welcome to Mount Aspiring College Library in 2019

As the college grows so does the library attendance. It is great!

Lots of new books await their next readers on the shelves and the librarians are ready to help with books and information inquiries.

Students can borrow up to 4 books for 3 weeks. Remember to record your book loan at the issue desk, either filling in the self-issue form or the librarian will scan it for you.

The library is open from 8.30 to 4 every school day, including at interval and lunchtime. Please eat before or after you come in as books don’t like sticky fingers!

The library is a great place to relax and find quietness in a very busy college. So please come here to read or study or chat quietly and respect the peace.

Enjoy reading! Enjoy your library!

Check out the library display

Here at Mount Aspiring college library, there is a prominent display area right across the entrance.

Librarians hand-pick fiction and non-fiction books on a specific theme, usually in line with current events of the college.

Displays invite you to discover books you may not have looked for, yet might interest you, or be useful to you.

Displays are changed regularly so always give the display a glance and pick up a good book!

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MAC Library Collections

The Library offers:

  • 6000 fiction books for children and young adults
  • 5300 knowledge books, from personal development to biographies and to cover all curriculum areas
  • 1140 picture books, graphic novels and breezy reads (easy chapter books)
  • 141 audiobooks and documentaries

All these items above can be borrowed by the students for free.

The library also offers for use in the library (Not for Loan):
  • 50 magazine collections
  • 400 reference books, dictionaries, encyclopedias, atlases, Guinness books of records, etc.

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Welcome to 2018

The library is open Monday to Friday from 8.30 to 4.00.

You are welcome during intervals and lunch but please eat before you come as no food is allowed is the library.

You can borrow up to 4 books for 3 weeks.

Always record your loan at the Issue desk.

Please ask any question to your friendly librarian ☺

Value the peace in the library!


20TH -30TH JUNE 2017

Library activities

During class time and lunchtime, there will be book games and activities. Join in!

Favourite book poster competition

Create a poster showing the title, the author, an illustration and 3 keywords that describe the book. Template available here. Each valid poster earns one mark. The winning poster earns 3 marks; the runner-up earns 2 marks.

Whanau photo competition

Students will take pictures of people reading. Each whanau is invited to select the best of their students’ photo in each of these categories:

> Best  photo > Most interesting location > Most people reading

There must be no harm done to the participants nor the books (or the photo will be disqualified!). The photos may be published so people featured must agree to their image being used online. Each photo earns a mark. The winning photo in each category earns 3 marks; the runner-up in each category earns 2 marks.

Please bring posters to the library and email photos to library@mtaspiring.school.nz by 4pm 30th June 2017. Make sure you put your House on each entry. Marks will be tallied and House Points will be announced the following week.

No food in the library, please

This is why!

Food found in a book   Mould due to food in book

There are thousands species of mould, some of which are hazardous, if not deadly. And they spread inexorably so we can’t afford to have them in a library.

So here is the consequence of this (stupid) action: 30 pages had to be cut!

Consequence of food in book

If you wanted to know about flat fish and fly fishing, sorry… What a pity for a much loved and out-of-print book.

Therefore, please do not eat in the library!

Quick find for books

Awesome book return box

Awesome book return boxAwesome book hovermark

Did you find a book awesome and wish to spread the word? Then drop it in the Awesome Book Return Box. The book will receive an AWESOME hovermark and will proudly stand out on the shelves. And when choosing a book, look out for
AWESOME hovermarks. If somebody found a book awesome, chances are you will too.



If you are still not sure what to read or you have no time to choose a book, then take one from the Grababook box conveniently placed on the issue desk. The librarian fills it with favourite and sure-to-please popular books.