Favourite books in 2015

New books Term 2 2015The library has stocked a large number of new books from award-winning to best-sellers and most popular on Goodreads and LibraryThing and it is a good idea to reserve one of these if you want to read them as they are usually out. Yet the most popular in 2015 are not new.

Top Twenty

  • Paul Jenning‘s “Uncanny” and “Don’t look now” are both in the top 20 as they are great humorous stories.
  • The Last Thirteen series is next. It is a fast-paced thriller with short chapters.
  • Popular as ever Jacqueline Wilson‘s books in particular “Lily alone” and “Queenie”
  • 5 books of the Robert Muchamore Cherub series are in the top twenty. There are 46 books by this author in the library and usually very few on the shelves… Ask the librarian to reserve the book you need.
  • Night Vision is 5th and has a long reserve list.  So if you are having one of the 3 copies, please read it fast and return it promptly!
  • Tom Gates has rocketed up the list, now in 6th Position. It’s funny, it’s easy, go for it!
  • Bear Grylls adventures (with real survival details!) are riding up.
  • Brilliant, the 3rd in Rachel Vail series, great for girls year 9 – 10 as other books by Sarah Dessen, Ann Brashares or Louise Rennison.
  • Where she went, by Gayle Forman is successful in the wake of the film as other books (and films) by John Green (The Fault in our Stars) or Lauren Oliver (Panic).
  • And twentieth on our most popular list this year is War Horse by hugely popular author Michael Morpurgo, one of the many novels about World War One.


Top Tens

I recently found a good list of Top Ten Books for teens on The Guardian website. Written by famous authors of the genres, they give a good overview. The library has many of the books listed and can get them on demand.


MACLIC Top Ten in 2014 are:

  • The Recruit by Robert Muchamore,
  • The Hunger games by Suzanne Collins,
  • Geek girl by Holly Smale
  • Mockingjay by Suzanne Collins
  • Maximum security by Robert Muchamore,
  • Then by Morris Gleitzman,
  • Lily alone by Jacqueline Wilson,
  • Best friends by Jacqueline Wilson,
  • Catching fire by Suzanne Collins,
  • Running wild by Michael Morpurgo.

Lots of new books!

Lots of new books have arrived on the shelves!

New Award Winning Books
New Award Winning Books
  • Jacqueline Wilson classics and recent books
  • Action / Thriller series: Beast Quest, by Adam Blade; Vampirates by Justin Somper; Special Agents, by Sam Hutton, Malichea by Jim Eldridge…
  • Dystopian fiction (like the Hunger Games): The last Thirteen, by James Phelan; Gone series, by Michael Grant; Blood Red Road, by Moira Young; Divergent series, by Veronica Roth; Wool trilogy, by Hugh Howey…

And romance, mystery, adventure, humorous books, award winners (featured), graphic novels…

So many books, so read faster!

Book lists for summer reading

What to read this summer? Which book to offer to please for sure? Here are lists to help you decide.

Click here for information on where to get them.

Number 1 !

MAC Favourite

Here are Mount Aspiring College most read books per year level. These lists are a bit rough as they are simply reports from the database, sorry, but they definitely reflect the most popular reads. They are not all good literature and some content is debatable… that’s why kids love them!

Librarian’s choice

Librarian’s choice lists are a mix of classic must-read books, award-winning or unforgettable stories.

Other Top books lists

Leave a comment below to recommend your favourite book!

Where to get these books

  • From the town library, it’s free! Here is their online catalogue.
  • From the local shop. You can phone to check if they have the book or order it.Wheelers_promo
  • From Wheelers, our main online book provider, who offer book credits to our school when you order (choose Mt Aspiring College at the checkout).
  • From Whitcoulls, who provided the excellent list above, have shops in Queenstown and also offer online sales.
  • Amazon of course have all the books of the creation, new and used, but the freight is often doubling the price of the book and it only says it at the checkout. Be careful! Amazon also offers the widest range of ebooks, but here again be aware that they cannot be read by many ereaders  (Kobo, Sony, Laser), only by Kindle ereaders. They can however be read on any Ipad or computer-like tablet or computer, using a Kindle App or reading on the cloud.
  • Finally, Book Depository established in tax-free Guernsey Island has unbeatable prices on new books and freight is free!

Offer a book for Christmas!

Books for everyone for Christmas

Giving a book for Christmas is easy, nice and useful. Our local book store has a little brochure “Give a book, it’s the perfect gift!” with plenty of suggestions to please everyone.

If you prefer buying online, I recommend Wheelers because they have a large selection, an easy to use website and often the best prices. Besides, 10% of your purchase is recredited to our College Library, when you click on the Apple at the check-out… Wheelers has an end-of-year sale which ends 16th December.

  • Offering a book to your children will show you value reading and literacy, which is linked to their success at school.
  • Offering a book to your parents can be a way to convey a message or could be very useful (for example, a chocolate desserts book!).
  • Offering a book to your siblings will keep them quiet for a while AND you can then read it too!

Think of non-fiction books. What is s/he interested in? From mountain bike, fishing or facebook to yoga, drawing or travel, there are books to deepen knowledge in everything. Type these words in the Search box and choose!

Here are a few sure-to-please suggestions:

For Boys and Girls: any Cherub book. Cherub Agents are aged between ten and seventeen. They live in the real world, slipping under adult radars and getting information that sends criminals and terrorists to jail. Punchy, easy to read, they are the most popular books at the moment. If you suspect s/he has already read them, get “People’s Republic” as it is the latest. Click here to see what we already said about Cherub books on the library blog.

Another extremely popular series for both Boys and Girls is the Hunger Games series. Again, s/he might well have already read the first book so go for the second, Catching Fire, or the third book, Mockingjay. They will be so proud of having their own copy and so grateful for not having to wait to read it, as there are long waiting lists for these…

I think it is a good time to offer and read the Hobbit, if you have not done it yet, it is a truly great story.

More suggestions for Girls: Jacqueline Wilson’s latest book “Lily alone” is a favourite, and for older girls, I’d suggest the powerful and well written “Blood and Chocolate“, by Annette Curtis Klause. A “Child Called It”, by Dave Pelzer is a real, moving story that older girls enjoy.

And For Boys: Younger boys will enjoy the Diary of a Wimpy Kid series, while older readers crave the Matthew Reilly books, like Hover Car Racer. I would also recommend The Absolutely true diary of a part-time Indian, by Sherman Alexie, as every person who has read it has been enthralled with this poignant, wise and funny story.

Useful books recommendations:

  • The Courage to be yourself : True Stories by Teens About Cliques, Conflicts, and Overcoming Peer Pressure
  • Wise Highs : how to thrill, chill, & get away from it all without alcohol or other drugs
  • Go ask Alice : The true diary of a 15-year-old drug addict

For Parents (to offer and read together)

And if you really do not know which book to choose, you can get $5-up book tokens for them so they can choose their own books.

Always remember to read during the holidays to overcome the “Summer slide”.

Happy Reading! Happy Holidays!

Your Favourite Books 2008

Here is the list of the most popular titles in MACLIC this year:

1- Best friends, by Jacqueline Wilson (borrowed 24 times ! )

2- The Third day, the frost, by John Marsden
Tongue-tied! by Paul JENNINGS (both borrowed 20 times)

3- Captain Underpants and the wrath of the wicked wedgie woman, by Dav Pilkey
The Dead of the night, by John MARSDEN (both borrowed 18 times)

4- Tomorrow, when the war began, by John Marsden (borrowed 17 times- and many of you have read it in class)

5- The Giggler treatment, by Roddy Doyle
Tough love, by Anne Cassidy (both borrowed 15 times)

6- Darkness, be my friend by John Marsden
Holes, by Louis Sachar (both borrowed 14 times)

7- 2much4u, by Vince Ford
Matilda, by Roald Dahl
Selby surfs, by Duncan Ball (all borrowed 13 times)

Girls really like Jacqueline Wilson’s books, they are easy, funny, real life stories about family and friendship and everyday problems. I’ve just bought Jacky Daydream, her autobiography (in the Knowledge area 92 WIL). http://www.randomhouse.co.uk/childrens/jacquelinewilson/home.htm

You all love the Tomorrow series, by John Marsden and I make sure the library has several copies of each of the 7 books of the serie: “Tomorrow, When The War Began”, “The Dead of the Night”, “The Third Day, The Frost”, “Darkness, Be My Friend”, “Burning For Revenge”, “The Night is for Hunting” and “The Other Side of Dawn”. Follows the lives of a group of Australian Teenagers as they struggle to respond to the surprise invasion and conquest of their country… Once you have finished the serie, you can follow the teenagers’ lives back in peace, in the Ellie Chronicles. http://www.johnmarsden.com.au/home.html

What the list of your favourite books also says is that you love funny books, so I’ll make sure the library gets more books of this genre.