Another celebrity in the library

As part of the Festival of Colours, American Journalist Seymour Hersh enthralled senior students with stories of his long journalist experience and asserts everybody can write.

Seymour and students in the library - Photo by Prue Wallis


Publish your book!

To celebrate NZ Book Month, Derek Grzelewski talked in assembly to our students and encouraged aspiring writers to self-publish. “While Gutenberg press created a new era of knowledge diffusion“, he said, “ebook new revolution empowers everyone to publish their work, for free!

100_7356In the Q&A session that followed, he shared the main resources to do so.

  • Kindle Direct Publishing to create your Amazon kindle e-book
  • IBooks Author, to create and publish multi-touch books for iPad.
  • Smashword to publish and distribute ebooks to the major retailers, fast, free and easy for any author or publisher, anywhere in the world.

On his BestSellerLab blog, Jonathan Gunson offers practical advice on how to get published and grow your readership.

And here is a list of writing, poetry and film competitions to test your writing skills.

Library House Competition Results

We received 37 posters, of which 19 qualified, and the winning poster is by Alice, BHA, who brings 3 points to her house. They are all visible in the library which is now colourfully decorated.
We received one stunning graphic novel by Toby, PBS, who earns 6 points for Pisa. It is on display on the the lssue desk. Read it!
And two songs were made and recorded, awesome. RTH “Read a book” song by Michael Hey, interpreted by the whole whanau was a winner : 9 points for Roy!
And one brave PMU student read aloud a long story during lunchtime to a small but content audience.
Well done everyone for your participation and facilitation.
The results are:
Next year, we will run it over two weeks to give more time to students to realize there is a competition and to participate 😉

Library week : On your marks…

Library week will run from Monday 13th to Friday 17th August, as the library house competition.

The library week is the occasion to have fun, share our love for reading, redecorate the library AND earn points in the College House Competition.

Here is how you can get points for your house:

  • Design a poster to promote reading OR a book you love (1 point) – best one earns 3 points (staff posters will also bring one point to their house, but do not qualify to win)
  • Create a video clip to promote reading OR a book you love (2 points) – Best one earns 6 points
  • Write and draw a graphic novel to promote reading OR a book you love (2 points) – Could be with –  Best one earns 6 points
  • Invent and perform a song to promote reading OR a book you love (3 points) – Best one earns 9 points
  • Senior students read a story aloud (1 point) – lunchtime in the library or with adult (from a different house) witness – or at the radio!

A list of reading slogans will be provided as well as guidelines for the minimum content for a book promotion.
All qualifying entries will be displayed in the library and the best ones will be published on the library website.

For the library house competition, on your marksget set…

Library Week Day 2

Two classes have filled in their Book Hook. With the book hook in hand, one class had a very lively speed booking session. Many students now know what they want to read next, following their peers recommendations.

Book hooks have been pasted on the library window, for every one to be inspired and for decoration.

Book fishing is so popular that I don’t want to advertise it, as it does require work to wrap the books and add a string. The happiness of children fishing and their pleasure when they unwrap the book is the reward though! 

Library week is also the occasion to redecorate the library, removing faded signs and posters and putting up new ones instead. Getting a fresh spring look!

Writing Competitions

Writing to win a competition will surely bring the best out of your writing, so give it a go!

Here are some chance to participate and win:

Pikihuia, awards for maori writers, novels, short stories and film scripts : win cash prizes and the chance to be published in Huia Short Stories. Competition is open for all Maori writers, and there is a Secondary School Award category. Entries must be received by 5pm, 15th April 2011.

NZ Children’s Book Awards celebrates the best of what is written for young New Zealanders, and their own writing as well: Competition is open to all year 1 – 8 school children and entries close on the 30th of April, 2011 to win $50 book vouchers.

National Schools Poetry award calls for entries from all Year 12 and 13 students before the 15th June. Winners will attend a poetry masterclass at the International Institute of Modern Letters with flight and accomodation included.

The School for Young Writers organises each year a short story competition opened to any teenager aged 13 to 19. Winners are published in Re-draft books. Deadline is the 30th September. There is also a Summer Story competition with prizes from Oxford University Press, deadline 15 April 2011. The library holds the Re-draft series and the magazine Write On.

Give it a go! Start writing now!

More information available from the above links, from your teachers and the librarian.

New Zealand Book Month

March is the month to celebrate books and reading. A 2010 study by M. Evans confirms that “Children growing up in homes with books get 3 more years schooling than children with bookless homes, independant of their parents’ education, occupation and class“.

The theme this year is “The power of Books”. Explore New Zealand Book Month website to find out how people life was changed by books and discover your next life-changing book. You can leave a comment here to tell us which book has changed your life and how.

The results of last years “All-time Favourite books” voted by New Zealanders are displayed in the library. Most of them are available in MACLIC.

Each student will be given a voucher to get $5 off a book purchased during March 2011 in the local Bookstore.

Another focus of this year’s book month is Reading Aloud. Enter the competition “Who’s your reading super hero?” to win loads of prizes.

Reading Aloud is fundamental. It builds strong relationships, it’s fun and rewarding. So share a book, an article, a chapter, an encyclopedia entry with your mates or family…

Most of all, enjoy reading!

Library Week Wrap up

Fishing surprise books was the most popular feature and we’ll do it again next year. Not only the fishing was fun, but making a pledge to read your catch did take you beyond your reading habits and most of you seemed to enjoy it.

 7RU class participated in the national writing competition and sent their paragraphs nearly every day. The final story is available on the Magazine display and online on the Library Week website .

Congratulation to Ngaia O’Hagan for submitting a great book review

 The library window is progressively covered with “Favourite Book” notes. There are still some ‘Surprises” left for the participants. So come along, write your favourite book on the note, stick it up on the window and ask the librarian for your reward…
Favourite Book notes are useful to help you find a good book to read. Look at what other boys or girls your age have liked, you might well like it too!

29 books recommendations have been posted, mostly for more vampire stories and the shapeshifter series. The books will be available shortly. And there was that funny request of “REMOVING those Twilight books“. Well, in fact it is easy to pretend they are not in the library as they are always issued and hardly ever reach the shelves…

And of course we had a great story time (see post below)…