Morris Gleitzman visits MAC

We had the honour and pleasure to welcome Morris Gleitzman in our college today.
He is the author of more than 40 books, and one of Australia most popular author. Here at MAC, books in his series Once, Then, Now etc have been on the most-read-booklist for 3 years in a row!
Morris told us the process of creating the story of a beautiful friendship in a most unfriendly world he wrote in Once.
He talked about how characters are his friends in his mind and how he develops their personalities by asking them questions before telling their story.
He explained how problems in stories (as well as in life) are prompting reflections and interesting series of actions.
He says what going on inside during the decision making process is as interesting as the resulting action.
By imagining what it feels like, the reader not only gives life to the story but also learns more about himself.
What a nice lesson, heard by most our Year 7 and 8 students!

Storylines Story Tour visits MAC

A big thank you to Storylines, Children’s Literature Charitable Trust, who granted us a visit on Tuesday bringing 4 New Zealand authors and illustrators to our students, Des Hunt, barbara Else, Fifi Colston and illustrator Scott Tulloch.

All Year 7 and 8 students were invited to come and listen to these inspiring professionals. “How to unleash creativity” and “Work hard to follow your dreams” were the common central message of all these presentations.

A memorable event for students and teachers alike! 

Library Festival 2016

22nd August to 5th September

Book exchange
Renew your book shelves for FREE!
• Bring your own books in good condition to the library to collect tokens
• Come to the library from the 22nd August to spend your tokens on other books.

Poster competition
• Design a poster promoting your favourite book (must include Title, Author, an illustration -can be the book cover- and 3 keywords that describe the book. Don’t forget to write your name and whanau at the back)
• Bring your creation to the library by Monday 5th September
Prizes: Book vouchers for 3 best posters and House points

 Whanau quiz
On Monday 5th September in whanau, fill in the quiz given to your whanau teacher
and return the same day.
Prizes: Chocolates for the winning whanau and House points.

Winners and house competition results will be announced in assembly on Wednesday 7th September

Stu Duval at MAC

We had the privilege to welcome Stu Duval at Mount Aspiring College for 2 engaging sessions to all year 7 and 8 classes, one of story telling and one creative writing workshop.


How inspiring, engaging, useful and fun!

If you want to purchase his books, there are order forms at the library. Bring the completed form and money to the office by Monday 20th June.

Library Festival coming up in term 3


Book Fair

•Set up at the gym entrance on the parent teacher interviews days (29th July & 4th August)
•Set up in the library between these dates (30th July to 3rd August incl.)
•A selection of 60 children / young adult new books for sale
•20% profits go back to the college library

Book exchange

•Bring your own books in good condition to the library anytime until the 5th August and collect vouchers
•Come to the library from the 6th to the 14th August to spend your vouchers on other books.
•Renew your book shelves for FREE!

Library crafts

•Come to the library at interval and lunchtime anytime during the festival (29th July- 28th August)
•Create library decorations
•Design your own bookmark
•Craft stationery supplied

Poster competition

•Design a poster promoting your favourite book or books on your own paper or on a template from the library
•Bring back your creation to the library by the 21st August
• Winners announced and awarded on the 26th August
•Prizes: House points, book vouchers
•It’s a house competition so get in there!

Whanau quiz

•Fill in the quiz given to your whanau teacher
•Return to the library by the 21st August
•Winners announced on the 26th August
•It’s a house competition so get in there!

Book Amnesty!

•Just return these overdue books! No fee! No question asked!
•After the festival and til the end of the year, visit the library to admire the decorations and posters
•Get inspired by the book recommendations to find your next read!
•Enjoy reading! Read what you enjoy!

Book Exchange

After the book fair where you can only buy with money, here is the book exchange where you can get (near) new books without money.

Sort your books at home and choose the ones you no longer want. They need to be in good condition and please check with your parents.

Bring them to the library this week to get your tokens (about one token per hundred pages). You can choose Tokensto get your book back after the event, if it didn’t go.

The books (showing  a token “price”) will be set up in the library from the 11th August. You can then come and spend your tokens on books.

Hurry to the Scholastic Book Fair

bf_fairThe Scholastic Book fair is a success and has nearly reached its goal! Come today or tomorrow with your money or get your parents to fill in their card details at the back of the wish list.

The book fair is set up in the library and then will be in the gym entrance during parents interviews (Tuesday afternoon).

Wednesday, it will be too late!

PS. I have ordered lots of Minecraft books and they have arrived!


Gavin Bishop visit

This morning, Gavin Bishop came to our college and talked to a captivated audience of Year 7 and 8 students.

GavinBishop4To Year 7 students, he talked about illustrations and all the steps between the idea of a book and its publication. To Year 8 students he talked about his favourite book Piano Rock and his book in preparation Teddy One Eye, the life seen through the eyes of his own Teddy, which he showed us.

He answered many questions and we thank him very much for his visit. We also thank the New Zealand Book Council for organizing it as part of their Writers in Schools programme.

If you want to know more about his books or if you want to write to him, here is his website

Happy Halloween in the library!

Come to the library to borrow a horror book and be ready to tell a creepy story to your friends for Halloween!

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  • Grab a book from the Scary books stand, or
  • Choose an author listed on the “read to survive” bookmark, or
  • Enter one of these keywords in the catalogue…

Will you dare to open a thriller / thrilling book???