Real dragons display!

Well done Year 7 “Rutherford” for creating dragons and this colourful dragons display.

Come to the library to have a look and choose books (up to 4) to never be bored during the holidays!

Cold? You don’t have to be…

We used a travel agency poster to create a beach atmosphere in the library, to make us feel warmer, when the heaters do not work! “Come in and book your escape today” became “Come and escape in your book today!”

 The books selected for the display are all set in tropical islands, from pirate stories to horror, suspense, war, survival, sports, romance or animal stories, there is a book for everyone here… To read under 3 blankets (not provided)!

Career festival at MACLIC

It’s Otago Careers festival!

Visit your library to find everything you need to think about your Career Pathway……

  1. Know yourself (skills, interests, values and aptitude)
  2. Know what opportunities are out there
  3. To make informed decisions, talk to people and do the research
  4. Taking action – Make a Plan A and a Plan B

 Where to get more information?

Find your Industry training organisation: Examples:    

Last week was Career week in the college and we hosted some inspiring speakers, from a local helicopter pilot to Masterchef competitor Sue Drummond…

Book and art display at MACLIC

Spy displayOur bookclub members offer you a new book display Spy: Undercover, for all of you who enjoy Alex Rider and The Cherub series. Extend your SPY book experience by borrowing a book from the display, you never know what is undercover!

The library is the lucky host of Y9 Art models. Come to MACLIC and have a look. Which is your favourite?

MACLIC Library Week wrap-up!

Genre interactive display resultWhat a fortnight! Here are some highlights:

Beautiful colours on our windows thanks to your huge participation to the Genre display 🙂


Favourite Book Character Mufti Day: Florence as Eriksson (Eriksson and the Mysterious Alca Impennis, by Shirley Brears, National Pacific Press (NZ)), Nina as Alice (Best Friends, by Jacqueline Wilson, Doubleday), Sophie as Alice (Twilight, by Stephenie Meyer, Atom), Suzannah as Ping (Dragonkeeper, by Carole Wilkinson, Black Dog)Much Fun on mufti day!

  • Suzannah as Ping (Dragonkeeper, by Carole Wilkinson, Black Dog)
      • Sophie as Alice (Twilight series, by Stephenie Meyer, Atom)
      • Nina as Alice (Best Friends, by Jacqueline Wilson, Doubleday)
      • Florence as Eriksson (Eriksson and the Mysterious Alca Impennis, by Shirley Brears, National Pacific Press (NZ))

Favourite Book Posters

We have just judged the 10 fantastic entries we have received and informally gave their prizes to the winners. 

And the winners are:Looking Glass Wars ~ Winner!

Suzannah Schwarz won “Twilight” for her fantastic “Looking glass wars” poster!Game of Goose ~ Second!

Sam Barnett won the “Big Book of Girl Stuff” for her 3-D “Game of the Goose” poster;Diamond girls ~ Third!

Ally Waser won “The Pool Boy” for her thoughtful “Diamond Girls” poster.

Well done to all the participants! Come to the library to pick up your Ice-block voucher and see the library decorated with your very own poster!


MACLIC book club news

We have been busy:

  • Designing a logo and finding a motto, making bookmarks with it
  • Deciding on a book we all agree to read, and starting to read it… We chose the first of the Cherub series, The Recruit, by Robert Muchamore, not original, but really cool…
  • Creating a new display for the library. FANTASY is our first theme, because it is a great genre and fairly easy to illustrate. We gathered the materials we needed and designed it, with lots of glitter!