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Awesome book return box

Awesome book return boxAwesome book hovermark

Did you find a book awesome and wish to spread the word? Then drop it in the Awesome Book Return Box. The book will receive an AWESOME hovermark and will proudly stand out on the shelves. And when choosing a book, look out for
AWESOME hovermarks. If somebody found a book awesome, chances are you will too.



If you are still not sure what to read or you have no time to choose a book, then take one from the Grababook box conveniently placed on the issue desk. The librarian fills it with favourite and sure-to-please popular books.


Celebrate the Cricket world cup and read…

Cricket displayTo celebrate the Cricket world cup, the library has a new display to encourage reading about sport, or anything else.

Check out the Tournament results and borrow up to 4 books.

The start of the year is a great time to set habits so get the reading bug!

Book trailers

QR on shelves

New in the library!

Some QR codes are progressively added on the shelves to take you to selected book trailers. Book trailers are a short promotional animation or video that present a book. They are a great 2-ways bridge between the printed and online world.

Explore the library,  scan and enjoy! You may need to download a QR code reader App on your phone first.

Here are many book trailer sites:

Here you’ll find more book trailer sites and learn how to make book trailers http://www.insideadog.com.au/teachers/book-trailers

Happy Halloween in the library!

Come to the library to borrow a horror book and be ready to tell a creepy story to your friends for Halloween!

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  • Grab a book from the Scary books stand, or
  • Choose an author listed on the “read to survive” bookmark, or
  • Enter one of these keywords in the catalogue…

Will you dare to open a thriller / thrilling book???

Te wiki o te reo māori – Maori language week

After the kapa haka house competition culminating last Friday with a full on challenge, let’s roll on to celebrate te reo māori – maori language: give it a go and have fun! This year’s theme is ingoa Māori, māori names. Click here to see activities in relation to this theme.

To participate and celebrate:

Check out the display at the whare pukapuka – library:


           māori language 

            māori authors 

             māori stories

Click here to search the maori language, authors and stories available in the college library. Or do your   own search with the link to the library catalogue on the right.

Puāwai, Te Kaitiakipukapuka

Maori Language week !

04 July – 10 July 2011

  • Participate in the whanau Quiz, to add points to your house
  • Maori display in the library, with fantastic authentic items thanks to MAC maori teacher, with free leaflets
  • Maori signage throughout the school
Lots of books in the library :
– Maori authors : Gavin Bishop BIS /P, Alan Duff  DUF, Patricia Grace GRA, Keri Hulme HUL, Witi Ihimaera  IHI, Kelly Ana Morey MOR, Apirana Taylor TAY
– Maori culture 306
– Maori myths 398.2 (also in Picture books area, with lots of new bi-lingual books)
– In history of New Zealand 993.1
– and many more, check the library catalogue.
And many resources on Maori language week website.

Te reo Give it a go!

Kara whiua!

Real dragons display!

Well done Year 7 “Rutherford” for creating dragons and this colourful dragons display.

Come to the library to have a look and choose books (up to 4) to never be bored during the holidays!

Cold? You don’t have to be…

We used a travel agency poster to create a beach atmosphere in the library, to make us feel warmer, when the heaters do not work! “Come in and book your escape today” became “Come and escape in your book today!”

 The books selected for the display are all set in tropical islands, from pirate stories to horror, suspense, war, survival, sports, romance or animal stories, there is a book for everyone here… To read under 3 blankets (not provided)!

Career festival at MACLIC

It’s Otago Careers festival!

Visit your library to find everything you need to think about your Career Pathway……

  1. Know yourself (skills, interests, values and aptitude)
  2. Know what opportunities are out there
  3. To make informed decisions, talk to people and do the research
  4. Taking action – Make a Plan A and a Plan B

 Where to get more information?

Find your Industry training organisation:

www.itf.org.nz/contact-an-ito.html Examples:    

Last week was Career week in the college and we hosted some inspiring speakers, from a local helicopter pilot to Masterchef competitor Sue Drummond…

Book and art display at MACLIC

Spy displayOur bookclub members offer you a new book display Spy: Undercover, for all of you who enjoy Alex Rider and The Cherub series. Extend your SPY book experience by borrowing a book from the display, you never know what is undercover!

The library is the lucky host of Y9 Art models. Come to MACLIC and have a look. Which is your favourite?