Human rights display

Human rights

A very wide subject profusely declined in fiction as well as documented in knowledge books. Grab one from the display area or choose your own from the collection.

Keywords to try in the library catalogue: oppression, rebellion, civil rights, slavery, freedom, social control, resistance, equality…

In Knowledge area: 303.6, 305, 305.8, 320, 324, 355, lots of biographies…

Grab your paper copy of the Universal Declaration of Human Rights on the issue desk or read online here. 

The theme is challenging but essential to human growth and well-being!

Making time for reading

We know reading is good for us so how can we read more in our busy lives?

  • boy wearing white poloAlways carry a book with you: waiting time becomes reading time
  • Download a book in your phone – MAC students and staff can access nearly 2000 books on MAC e-library
  • Have another book near your bed. Studies have shown that reading 15mn before sleep improves sleep quality
  • Stop scrolling and reading random bits from magazines and phones, use this time to dive into your chosen read
  • Use a bookmark to find where you stopped instantly
  • Skip parts, read how you like. A boring paragraph? Scroll to the next.
  • If you don’t like what you are reading, stop and choose another book

Observe how more reading changes your life!

Library Awards

Congratulation to the best readers of the college this year!

19 Library award image screen.jpg

Year 7

Olivia Shore and Olive Sedon 73 books
Lincoln Rimmer 69 books

Year 8

Ben Pell – Also Best borrower overall with 276 books!
Annika Massey 53 books

Year 9

Julia Shepherd 45 books
Oscar Waddington 37 books

Year 10

Caleb Wright 56 books
Tai Olley 31 books


Best reader Year 11 Gracie Cartlidge

Best reader Year 12 Lillian Eastwood
Best reader Year   Luella Harry

Morris Gleitzman visits MAC

We had the honour and pleasure to welcome Morris Gleitzman in our college today.
He is the author of more than 40 books, and one of Australia most popular author. Here at MAC, books in his series Once, Then, Now etc have been on the most-read-booklist for 3 years in a row!
Morris told us the process of creating the story of a beautiful friendship in a most unfriendly world he wrote in Once.
He talked about how characters are his friends in his mind and how he develops their personalities by asking them questions before telling their story.
He explained how problems in stories (as well as in life) are prompting reflections and interesting series of actions.
He says what going on inside during the decision making process is as interesting as the resulting action.
By imagining what it feels like, the reader not only gives life to the story but also learns more about himself.
What a nice lesson, heard by most our Year 7 and 8 students!

Ready for Valentine!

Valentine Day

Get in the mood of Valentine day!

Choose a book from the selection on display in the library.

Funny, scary, fantasy, online, for boys, short stories, happy, good-ending or heart-breaking!

There are love stories for everyone! Get ready!

Issues, returns and overdues

Students can borrow up to 4 books for 3 weeksReturn Box

To return you book, please drop it in the return box at the entrance of the library. If you are not reading your book, then return it and choose another one. 
Remember: Books in the library are for everyone to enjoy. When you keep a book, you prevent someone else to enjoy it. Please be considerate!
If you need longer to finish your book, come and ask the librarian to renew or extend the loan. Or write it again on the borrowing sheet. Reserved books cannot be renewed.
After 3 weeks, students will receive one overdue email, and the following week another overdue email. 
The following week parents receive an overdue email (at this time, the book is 3 weeks overdue at least)
If the book still doesn’t return, then we charge it to the college account.
If the book is lost, then please pay for it so we can replace it.
If the book is returned, then we will recredit the account.

Good to know

Books do not disappear, when we start looking for them, they usually appear! We have a long experience in books returning just after they are charged. You can avoid this inconvenience by finding them and returning them when you receive your first overdue emails.
If you think you have returned your book, please check on the library shelves and bring it to the librarian’s desk to return it. Please talk to the friendly librarians, most disappeared book cases have been solved in the past 🙂
Most importantly, do not let the overdue / lost book problem stop you from reading.
Reading is good for you and we want you to read, always!

MAC Library online presence

New Books, news, and photos are available online so we invite you to:
And you can visit the real library from 8.30am to 4pm every school day, showing as MACLIC on the college map.

Scholastic catalogues

scholastic issue 1

All year 7 and 8 students have received a Scholastic catalogue. They contain a variety of books and goodies at excellent prices, great incentives for students to read and ideal presents.

Payments can be done directly online on the LOOP facility on the Scholastic website.

Please place your order by the 15th February.

Choose Mount Aspiring College when you sign up. Items ordered will be delivered by the librarian directly to the students. Further Scholastic catalogues will be distributed throughout the year.

Scholastic offers book vouchers to the college so your purchases benefit your library. Thank you!