MACLIC book club news

We have been busy:

  • Designing a logo and finding a motto, making bookmarks with it
  • Deciding on a book we all agree to read, and starting to read it… We chose the first of the Cherub series, The Recruit, by Robert Muchamore, not original, but really cool…
  • Creating a new display for the library. FANTASY is our first theme, because it is a great genre and fairly easy to illustrate. We gathered the materials we needed and designed it, with lots of glitter!

MACLIC Book Club is born!

So we just met and it was great. 8 keen readers, keen to share, keen to discover, keen to read. We decided:

  • Our name is MACLIC Book Club
  • Our logo will be an indefinite triangle with the words “Reading never stops”
  • We will meet on Thursdays lunchtime, in the library
  • We will read one same book and share our comments
  • We will also read our own and talk about it to the group
  • We will choose and set up displays for the library
  • We will feed the blog, here, this one!
  • We are interested in book-related competitions
  • We will choose new books and meet authors
  • We will have a maclic book club tea at the end of each term
  • We will organise a book fair or book swap

The hardest is really to choose ONE book to all read and share. Lets bring ideas next week or post a suggestion!

MACLIC Book Club Launch

Come to the meeting Thursday lunchtime and you’ll decide what you want to do:

– Choose a name for the book club
– Read and share books, of course
– Choose new books
– Contribute to MACLIC blog
– Choose and design the library display
– Meet writers
– Participate in book-related competition
– Organise a bookfair, a reading campaign, do posters
– All ideas welcome

Become a MACLIC book club member !