The library holds a small collection of audiobooks and has the corresponding books.

The town library also has a collection of audiobooks that we can borrow for our students for free.

If you look for a specific title that we don’t have, then remember that audiobooks are fairly cheap, so you can buy and download them on your own device.
Online sources:
It is also always worth checking on Wheelers or BookDepository.
Happy book listening!

2017 Favourite Books

In 2017, students designed posters of their favourite books. The posters have been decorating the library and acting as book recommendations for a year. Here the books students prefer!

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Here is an interesting word cloud of the keywords of the favourite books posters. Humourous, Adventure and Mystery are favourite genres!


Junior Reading Challenge

TImageo promote and reward reading, the librarian, in conjunction with teachers and the National Librarian, has designed the Junior reading challenge.

You will read towards the Bronze Reading Certificate, Silver Reading Certificate and Gold Reading Certificate. When you have finished reading and completed your response, return it to the library. You will receive your Reading Certificate in assembly, and your chapter book review will be published on the blog. Once you have attained one Reading Certificate, you can work towards the next Reading Certificate.

Note: You cannot use the same texts for each entry of one Reading Certificate – you need to read different articles/stories.  Also, readings used to gain one Reading Certificate cannot be used to gain the next Reading Certificate.


To gain a Bronze Reading Certificate, you need

  1. Read independently the following:

– A school journal article
– An extended magazine or newspaper article
– A short story
– A 100-pages (minimum) chapter book

  1. Junior Bronze Reading Challenge Response for each which explains:

– What you liked/disliked in the text, with one example from the text.
– What you learnt from the text, with one example from the text.


To gain a Silver Reading Certificate, you need to:

  1. Read independently each of the following:

– An autobiography/biography
– A book by a New Zealand author
– A novel by an Australian or American or Canadian or British author
– A short story or two poems

  1. Junior Silver Reading Challenge Response words for each reading which explains:

– What you particularly liked or disliked about the book and why
– What you learned from the book


To gain a Gold Reading certificate, you need to:

  1. Read independently each of the following:

– A book or three short stories by a Maori author
– Two novels
– A book or poem written in the nineteenth century
– Two poems written by a New Zealand poet
– A novel about another culture
– An autobiography or a biography

  1. Junior Gold Reading Challenge Response of more than 200 words which explains:

– What you particularly liked or disliked about the book and why
– What you learned from the book with explanations of how you learned these things

Challenge yourself to read a range this year!

Reading Festival!

21st May to the 8th June


Library House Competition in 2018

  • Favourite book poster competition

As usual, create a poster of your favourite book showing the title and author, an illustration and 3 keywords that describe the book. Return to the library (with your name and whanau) by 4pm, 8st  June 2018.

Each valid poster earns 1 mark for your house. The winning poster earns 3 marks and the runner up 2 marks. Book vouchers will be offered to the winner and runner-up.

  • Reading photography competition

Launched with success in 2017, the competition’s theme is photos which feature staff and students reading intently, happily, cosily to role-model reading. There are 3 categories:

    • Best photo
    • Most interesting location
    • Most people reading


    • Each whanau is invited to submit ONE photo in each category. Choose the best one!
    • The photos may be published so people featured must agree to their image being used online
    • There must be no harm done to the participants nor the books (or the photo will be disqualified!).
    • Photos must be of a publishable quality to qualify (eg. blurred, too dark or people not reading)
    • Each photo earns a mark. The winning photo in each category earns 3 marks; the runner-up in each category earns 2 marks.

Please email photos to by 4pm 1st June 2018. House Points will be announced the following week.

Stop Drop Read!

Every day in whanau during the Reading Fortnight: Spend 10 minutes reading. Everyone just opens a book -including the teacher- and dives into reading for 10 minutes. It has been identified as an effective activity to raise the profile and enjoyment of reading. It could be a book or a magazine, a cool article. Please not on electronic device as half the time would be spent checking that it IS reading.

Library activities

3-5 minutes activities are available in the library. Ask the librarian and have fun! Chocolate Fish for winners (during reading fortnight only)

Enjoy reading ~ Read what you enjoy!

Crime etc.

Come to the library to borrow up to four books to enjoy reading over the holidays.

Check out the Crime Display and get enthralled!
Crime display
​To continue in the genre, try one of these keywords in the catalogue:  Mystery, Crime, Psychological Thriller, Detective, Thriller, Suspense…

Happy Holiday Reading!