Students can borrow up to 4 books for 3 weeksReturn Box

To return you book, please drop it in the return box at the entrance of the library. If you are not reading your book, then return it and choose another one. 
Remember: Books in the library are for everyone to enjoy. When you keep a book, you prevent someone else to enjoy it. Please be considerate!
If you need longer to finish your book, come and ask the librarian to renew or extend the loan. Or write it again on the borrowing sheet. Reserved books cannot be renewed.
After 3 weeks, students will receive one overdue email, and the following week another overdue email. 
The following week parents receive an overdue email (at this time, the book is 3 weeks overdue at least)
If the book still doesn’t return, then we charge it to the college account.
If the book is lost, then please pay for it so we can replace it.
If the book is returned, then we will recredit the account.

Good to know

Books do not disappear, when we start looking for them, they usually appear! We have a long experience in books returning just after they are charged. You can avoid this inconvenience by finding them and returning them when you receive your first overdue emails.
If you think you have returned your book, please check on the library shelves and bring it to the librarian’s desk to return it. Please talk to the friendly librarians, most disappeared book cases have been solved in the past 🙂
Most importantly, do not let the overdue / lost book problem stop you from reading.
Reading is good for you and we want you to read, always!

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