21st May to the 8th June


Library House Competition in 2018

  • Favourite book poster competition

As usual, create a poster of your favourite book showing the title and author, an illustration and 3 keywords that describe the book. Return to the library (with your name and whanau) by 4pm, 8st  June 2018.

Each valid poster earns 1 mark for your house. The winning poster earns 3 marks and the runner up 2 marks. Book vouchers will be offered to the winner and runner-up.

  • Reading photography competition

Launched with success in 2017, the competition’s theme is photos which feature staff and students reading intently, happily, cosily to role-model reading. There are 3 categories:

    • Best photo
    • Most interesting location
    • Most people reading


    • Each whanau is invited to submit ONE photo in each category. Choose the best one!
    • The photos may be published so people featured must agree to their image being used online
    • There must be no harm done to the participants nor the books (or the photo will be disqualified!).
    • Photos must be of a publishable quality to qualify (eg. blurred, too dark or people not reading)
    • Each photo earns a mark. The winning photo in each category earns 3 marks; the runner-up in each category earns 2 marks.

Please email photos to library@mtaspiring.school.nz by 4pm 1st June 2018. House Points will be announced the following week.

Stop Drop Read!

Every day in whanau during the Reading Fortnight: Spend 10 minutes reading. Everyone just opens a book -including the teacher- and dives into reading for 10 minutes. It has been identified as an effective activity to raise the profile and enjoyment of reading. It could be a book or a magazine, a cool article. Please not on electronic device as half the time would be spent checking that it IS reading.

Library activities

3-5 minutes activities are available in the library. Ask the librarian and have fun! Chocolate Fish for winners (during reading fortnight only)

Enjoy reading ~ Read what you enjoy!

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