Read_what_you_enjoyReading for your pleasure will make other reading tasks easier. Here is how to find books you enjoy.

What do you like? Sports, travels or scary films? Enter a keyword in the library catalogue and explore the results list.

Ask your friends to suggest books they enjoyed or even to come with you to the library to help you choose a book. You know how easier it is to find nice clothes when shopping with your BF.  Same for a good book.

Find a book like the one you enjoyed. How to do that? Find the book in the library catalog. Then click on See Also then on Related subject. Choose a subject and explore the results. See_also

Online, you can explore Read Alike lists on GoodReads for example. 

Use book lists and posters in the library: There is a green Book lists folder on the trolley, genre posters and book suggestions posters. Also check the Book lists page.

Browse the shelves, look for a title, a colour, a cover that you like. Read the blurb at the back. Open the book to see the font size, read the first chapter or a random paragraph.  

Ask the librarian. “Can you please recommend a good book on … ?” or “Are there any other books like … ?” 

Browse books in a shop: Books covers are usually facing you so they might “talk” to you more than spines. It is the same online, at Wheelers or Amazon. Once you know the book you want, come to the library to borrow it or ask me to buy it for you!

Explore and join a reader’s online community.

  • Goodreads to “Meet your next favourite book”: I use it to choose books for our library ;
  • Library Thing is a major book lovers site to explore ;
  • Shelfari is noteworthy too, more US centered though.

To enjoy reading, read a book you like!

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