Books are less fragile than electronic devices, yet they require a careful handling, particularly because they are collective items and we all prefer a nice clean book.
  1. Always protect from water – and food! Put in a plastic bag or in a separate pocket in your school bag and read with clean hands. Water and dirt become mold and oblige us to dump the book .
  2. Use a bookmark (grab one from the library) and avoid leaving a book open on its belly to hold your page as this breaks the spine of the book.Broken_book
  3. Don’t write nor highlight in books and be gentle with the pages, as they tear easily. If a damage occurs, return the book as we can repair most damages professionally. 5 to 10 books are returned damaged every week and we can surely do better than that.
  4. Last but not least, always record your book at the issue desk and please return on time. This ensures that we know where every book is at anytime and can retrieve it.
It’s all down to respect and self-responsibility. Easy really!

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