What is copyright?

In short, nobody is allowed to copy someone else work. However, most students activities are covered by the “fair dealing” rule: for research or private study, you can use a part of someone else work (except photographs) provided “sufficient acknowledgement”  for the purpose of criticism, review or news reporting.

Mount Aspiring College subscribes to NZSTA One-Stop-Shop Copyright Licensing Scheme to allows us to use, broadcast and copy works for education use, under certain limits that we must respect. Check out the poster next to the photocopiers.

To avoid copyright issues, create the content yourself: insert your own photos, write your own texts. And if you really need to use someone else work beyond the above rules, then ask for permission.

Always say your source

“Sufficient acknowledgement” means you must reference the source of the work you use. BibMe  or EasyBib  are websites that help you write a correct bibliography… Follow your teacher’s instructions or record at least:

  • For a book:  Book Title, by Author. Publisher, Date of publication.
  • For an article: Title of article, by Author. Title of Magazine or newspaper, Date of publication.
  • For a webpage: Title of the page, by Author. Url, Date you viewed it.

And the Internet

Internet makes it easy to copy-paste and yet it is under copyright law. Use it with the same rules as printed works (above). In particular, check the “disclaimer”, usually at the bottom of the page somewhere. If it says you can’t copy it, then don’t!

Many people choose to shared their work. The Creative Common licences have been created to allow that. Click here for a fun video explaining it.

How to find resources you can use on the Internet?
Tip: When you share something on the Internet, then insert a link to the original page, or embed the video or image, rather than copy-paste or download-insert.

Copyright protects authors and therefore supports creativity.
How would you feel if somebody used your work as theirs?


There will be more information about these important issues on Netsafe .

Click here if you want a licence to copy.

Click here if your work has been copied and you want to protect it.

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