So you watch this really cool Youtube and want to show it to your friends? But by the time you find it again, the interest has drifted away…

You stumbled upon this piece of information a while ago and you now need it for an assignment but just can’t find it again?…

Here are wonderful and easy to use online free tools to help you collect and retrieve the information you need now and into the future.

Bookmarking services

You know how to add pages in your favourites but what happens if you are not on your computer? Bookmarking services gather links from all and any subjects and have tools to help retrieve them easily: tags and bundles. They are available from any computer and you do not necessarily have to log in to access them, which I find great.

Free Bookmarking services include Delicious and Diigo.

I have been using Delicious for a few years. Delicious propose tags and automatically  import the links you shared on Facebook. I offers to create “bundles” of links.

I like open source style and the goals of Diigo: “Towards your dream information management tool”! Diigo authorises notes and comments on links from various users. Diigo offers a tool to organise tags (for example to combine “team work” and “team working” or to correct orthography). However, I have struggled to make it work: it seems to do it, but the change is not done when I log in again… It will probably improve soon.

Content Curation

Content curation organises a variety of content (links but also notes, images, docs from your computer…) under one specific theme. They are great to use in education, as a lesson one-stop-shop resource. The most popular is Pinterest, very visual with its clickable icons which contain clickable subchapter icons containing “pins”.
ScoopIt is very similar but less distracting with less “people” stuff.
I have been using Livebinder at school for a class unit for energy and recycling as all the bookmarks/resources appear on the same page and give an immediate overview of the content. You can click on a tab to open a website while all the tabs stay on top.
I have also used Stich.It which presents a slideshow of websites. Extremely easy to use, no login required, just paste the list of url and click Stich It to get a link you can use.

These curation tools are on the rise to help display selected and organised content. There is a lot of evolution of these tools, as they try to combine the tagging flexibility and the folder organisation. 

Online Publishing

Going further, is online publishing,  like where you choose to stream content from twitter, youtube or any other internet source in a live online newsletter. DoShare is a Google+ version that allows to share RSS and google alerts, like in a Google Reader but visible to the world. They are like automatic newsletters. How good is that?!

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