The library’s mission is to support student learning.

Appropriate collection

It does so by providing rich and varied reading materials, from great fiction books to knowledge books for all levels, picture books and graphic novels, magazines for all interests,  audiobooks and documentaries, revisions guides and reference books. The library catalogue, lists, posters and your friendly librarian 😉 help you find the right resource for you.

Confortable, safe and inviting

The library has three distinct zones, one to work at desks in the knowledge area, one to sit and talk together in the fiction area, and one to relax in a couch. It is always supervised to prevent any bullying. And it is warm in winter, cool in summer, open from 8.30 to 4 every week day.  Welcome!

Central, social and fun place

Come at interval and lunchtime (please eat before or after), to read, play card or chess or talk quietly. “Happy chatter” is the expected noise level. Come with your mates or alone, you might well meet new friends here…

Read, learn, have fun at the library.
Enjoy and respect the peace!

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