The college library holds:

– 4500 fiction books for boys and girls aged 11 to 18, with all reading capabilities, organised by alphabetical order of the author’s name (first 3 letters showing on the spine).
– 4235 knowledge books, to cover all curriculum needs, students various interests and personal development needs, organised along the Dewey classification.
– 820 picture books, graphic novels and “breezy” reads
– 116 audiobooks and documentaries
– 370 Reference books, encyclopedias, atlases… NOT FOR LOAN,
– 25 Magazines subscriptions and 65 boxes of older magazines NOT FOR LOAN
– Career infos and revision guides NOT FOR LOAN

How to find the book you want:

Use the library catalogue to find the book you need, on the library computers or click on the “Search the Library Catalogue link” on the top right on this blog.

Enter ONE word and hit the Enter key.

  • Author’ s surname, example: Marsden
  • Keyword, examples : courage or earthquake
  • One word of the title, example: percy or angel

Only if there are more than 50 results, try to refine your search, adding a word or using the Author, subject, … buttons.

Scroll the results and double click on a line to look at the details.  This is the book record:

Where to find this book? 

  1. check that the book is available
  2. in which section of the library it is
  3. what is its spine label = where the book will be on the shelf

You still can’t find it?

Ask your friendly librarian 🙂

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