Here at Mount Aspiring College, there are 28 boys among the 100 best borrowers (according to the library database). But 57% of knowledge books are borrowed by boys and they also read more magazines.

There are two main ways to encourage boys to read more fiction:

1- Male role models who read for pleasure, not just for the “usefulness”. Well done, Dads who read novels at home! We are looking for male book lovers in the community who would like to come and share their passion with our students. Leave a comment if you want to volunteer.
2- Offering a choice of good books for boys. And that’s my role.

So here is a selection of great new novels for boys – girls will like them too:

Funny business (spine SCI) is a collection of 10 Short stories guaranteed to delight and amuse, by award winning and favourite authors.

Hell Island, by Matthew Reilly (REI) is a novella where the famous hero Scarecrow faces his worst mission yet, dealing with classified experiments that have gone terribly wrong… A hundred page book that you might well read in one go.

Crash, by Jerry Spinelli (SPI) is best football player of the school, and he wears the most expensive clothes of the mall. Easy for him to laugh at nerd Penn Webb. Until a prank just goes too far… This award winning novel is an humorous glimpse of what jokes are made of…

Code Lightfall and the robot King, by Daniel Wilson (WIL) is the first book of a new series where Code must survive in a land of robots… An easy to read adventure novel, bursting with robotic twists and turns.

D-Day, by Bryan Perrett (PER) tells the story of Lieutenant Andy Pope who took part in the one of the deadliest battle of the Second World War. Experience history first-hand with “My story”, a series of vividly imagined accounts of life in the past.

Just a Dog, by Michael Gerard Bauer (BAU) is a daily life story told by a normal boy in a normal family, with a normal dog… But written by a multi award-winning author, in an easy-to-read engaging style. A great quick read.

The Devil’s Triangle, by Mark Robson (ROB) is an adventure where the Bermuda Triangle legend comes to life. Holidays, missing persons, fishing trips and solving a haunting puzzle, you’ll be hooked by the easy-to-read style and will be surprised!

Out of Shadows, by Jason Wallace (WAL) is a multi-award winning book. Set in Zimbabwe after the independence war, it tells the story of white boys and black boys… It is brave and devastating. The chapters are short to make it easier to take in.

Last but not least, two additions to our well stocked sports section (796), BMX tricks (796.6) and Skateboarding tricks (796.22) in the Freestyle series, featuring lots of photos and step-by-step guides.

It IS cool for boys to read!

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