All students in Year 7, 8 and 9 have had the pleasure to be presented a dozen books for their age, by Bob Docherty.

Bob Docherty is a professional book reviewer who travels from Cape Reinga to Bluff to talk to kids about the books he prefers. His aim is to motivate you to read, as he says: “The best thing you can do for yourself is READ, READ, READ.”

Check out his blog for great books reviews:

And judging by the looooooong reserves lists I got, he succeeded! 

Here are the titles he recommended, in order he talked about them:

Year 7

Title Author
Emerald Atlas John Stephens
Trash Andy Mulligan
Running Wild Michael Morpurgo
Lily Alone Jacqueline Wilson
Catching Fire Suzanne Collins
Noah Barley Water runs away John Boyne
No such thing as a dragon Philip Reeve
Prairie Whispers Frances Harrington
Z Rex Steve Cole
Bone Tiki David Hair


Year 8

The Emerald Atlas John Stephens
Trash Andy Mulligan
Billionaire Boy David Walliams
Lily Alone Jacqueline Wilson
Prairie Whispers Frances Harrington
To die for Mark Szendson
Running Wild Michael Morpurgo
Loblolly Boy and the sorcerer James Norcliffe
Z Rex Steve Cole
Lawn Boy Gary Paulsen
No such thing as a dragon Philip Reeve
Monster republic Ben Horton
Funny business Guys Read  


Year 9

Boys don’t cry Malorie Blackman
Warm Bodies Marion Isaac
Bone Tiki David Hair
You against Me Jenny Downham
MonsterRepublic Ben Horton
Bride’s farewell Meg Rosoff
Rich and Mad William Nicholson
To Die For Mark Svendson
Funny business Guys Read  
Dark Planet Philip Carman
Medusa Project Sophie McKenzie
The Betrayal of Natalie Hargrove Lauren Kate
Mice Gordon Reece

 Most of these books are now in the library, often several copies but there are waiting lists. So if you want to read one of them, come to the library to reserve it and be patient.

If you are lucky to have one of the library copies, please read and return promptly so that the next student can enjoy it.

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