Writing to win a competition will surely bring the best out of your writing, so give it a go!

Here are some chance to participate and win:

Pikihuia, awards for maori writers, novels, short stories and film scripts : win cash prizes and the chance to be published in Huia Short Stories. Competition is open for all Maori writers, and there is a Secondary School Award category. Entries must be received by 5pm, 15th April 2011.

NZ Children’s Book Awards celebrates the best of what is written for young New Zealanders, and their own writing as well: Competition is open to all year 1 – 8 school children and entries close on the 30th of April, 2011 to win $50 book vouchers.

National Schools Poetry award calls for entries from all Year 12 and 13 students before the 15th June. Winners will attend a poetry masterclass at the International Institute of Modern Letters with flight and accomodation included.

The School for Young Writers organises each year a short story competition opened to any teenager aged 13 to 19. Winners are published in Re-draft books. Deadline is the 30th September. There is also a Summer Story competition with prizes from Oxford University Press, deadline 15 April 2011. The library holds the Re-draft series and the magazine Write On.

Give it a go! Start writing now!

More information available from the above links, from your teachers and the librarian.

One thought on “Writing Competitions

  1. Good to see MAC writers being encouraged to enter the Re-Draft competition. It’s not just for stories, though. Any kind of imaginative writing can be entered. It’s highly recommended that you read some of the Re-Draft books and get some idea of the range of possibilities and the standard to be reached.

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