Studies have been carried out about the “summer slide”, the decline in reading achievement children suffer just from being away from school and formal literacy instruction. Sadly it is often the students who can least afford to lose the reading gains they’ve achieved during the school year who fall the furthest behind when they return to school after a summer break. It’s characterized as “the Harry Potter divide”, and the effects are cumulative and long-term.

Even just 10 minutes reading a day by or to children will maintain & develop the children’s reading skills, habit and enthusiasm. It is important that the parents support their children, to reap the powerful benefits of reading.

An easy way to do it is to offer books for Christmas. Cherub, Diary of a Wimpy Kid and Hunger Games series are all winners. Children will love owning their own book. Book shop sellers would be able to make further recommendations.

If you choose to shop online, I recommend Wheelers website because their range of books is huge (6.7 million books!), it is well organised and easy to use and the prices are very competitive. Plus, this will raise funds for the college’s library. Click here to learn more…

Some teachers will give some “good reads” lists to their students and there are many more book lists on this blog.

Another great and simple way to encourage reading is to visit the Town Library. There is a well-stocked children and separate Young Adult section. Every summer, a “Reading challenge” is organised with lots of prices, so check it out. Children need a parental consent to get their free card, so parents need to accompany them, at least the first time, and could grab a book for themselves too, to enjoy and to be a role model!

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