Library week programme of events at MACLIC

 Decorate the library windows with “Surprise” notes showing your favourite book …

Watch surprising librarian Youtubes and other videos held in the library…

Tell the world what surprised you on  the library week website (Laptop on issue desk) and participate in writing and graphic novel national competitions (lots of books to win)

Surprise book lucky dip: Make the pledge to borrow and read the book you caught with a fishing line, from one of the four boxes of selected books for Junior boys, junior girls, senior boys and senior girls! Wander outside your reading habits and Be surprised…

Submit a review of your favourite book for MACLIC blog: Every publishable book review will win a surprise

 Nominate your favourite book that the library does not have

 Poster competition: Theme: you might be surprised in your library! The best posters will be displayed and win a surprise

Because library week happens during Living Heritage Month, there will be games about local mountains, plants and animals, and  family tree charts will be offered to students who want to start their genealogy.

Each whanau had a fun Library quiz to do on Tuesday, designed by the book club members.

At Lunchtime on Wednesday 18 August, popular and famous local personality entertainer entrepreneur director of the world well-known cinema Paradiso Calum MACLEOD has read the book chosen for New Zealand’s Biggest Storytime. Click here for story and photos.

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