Visit the Reference area in Maclic along the wall on the right when you enter the library. Reference books are sources of information or facts: Encyclopaedias, dictionaries, atlases or books that gather all the knowledge on one subject. They contain an index to help you find quickly what you need.

Books are organised on the shelves along the DEWEY classification, like the knowledge area.

Generalities (0) start on the top right, with general encyclopaedias and World books, Guinness books of records.

Below are stored Social Science (3) books, with in particular a beautiful “Book of the People of the world” and Yearbooks which provide for a comprehensive statistical picture of life in New Zealand.

 Then are Dictionaries and thesaurus (4), which are great to find synonyms and keywords.

 Then are the Science (5) reference books, with a new set of scientific discoveries books, several science encyclopaedias, including one of the Animal world.

Under Science are Technology (6) books, that include Health and body Encyclopedias, followed by Arts (7) and sports guides.

At the bottom are literature (8) guides and the very useful Biography (92) books which trace the lives and achievements of famous people.

On the left shelf are the History (9) encyclopedias and Chronicles books which detail events and happenings year after year. Last are atlases to learn about places and geography.

They cannot be borrowed from the library, because:
– you generally only need them briefly in search of a particular piece of information (you can photocopy)
– they need to be always available for other library users.
– they are often very expensive, too large and fragile to travel in school bags.

The reference section is where to start a research and where to browse and gather nectar.

Here is help to find information from references online.

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