Add books on your Christmas wish list

By offering books for Christmas, parents express that books are valuable and provide hours of pleasure. You will even impress them if you ask for interesting books for Christmas 😉 !

It is wonderful to get some fiction book/s, NEW, just for you! It is also the occasion to get a better dictionary, or find a comprehensive book or encyclopaedia for your age or your latest interest. Astronomy? Myths? Dinosaurs? Favourite sport? Drawing? Science? Art? You would learn and enjoy so much from reading through such a book…

Visit your local bookshop with your parent/s or explore the Book list page for ideas.

Raise money for our library!

You can choose books among a large selection at very good prices online at ; select “Mt Aspiring College” as recipient of the 10% credit at the check out.

You can also offer books for Christmas!

For younger siblings, you could purchase famous books about famous local sheep “Shrek”, by now famous local Tarras School and raise funds for MACLIC.

Shrek – The famous Hermit Sheep of Tarras – $16.00

  • Shrek – New Zealand’s Celebrity Sheep – $18.00

Bring your order and payment to the library by 1st December for a pre Christmas delivery.

 All the funds collected will be used to purchase books for the library. Thank You!

Tip: Write a nice dedication on the title page. It makes it really special, for years…

Florence Micoud, MACLIC Librarian

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