Project_Gutenberg_logoThe Project Gutenberg was founded in 1971 by Michael Hart, as a voluntary non-for-profit organization with the mission to encourage the creation and distribution of eBooks, both to preserve literary works and to promote free literacy for all. Volunteers around the world scan and load works from the public domain (i. e. not copyrighted). It holds more than 130.000 references so I recommend you start from the Children’s Bookshelf. There are also free Audiobooks. Project Gutenberg is the respectable grandfather of ebooks! All formats available.

Ebooks for Young Readers (University of Virginia, Etext Centre)The University of Virginia Library’s Etext Center gives access to over 2,100 publicly-available ebooks, mainly classic British and American fiction, major authors, children’s literature (more than 120 titles), and much more.  You can read online or download Microsoft Reader to read on your computer (with the option to hear it as well -electronic voice).

In our country, discover the New Zealand Electronic Text Centre’s free online archive of New Zealand and Pacific Islands texts and heritage materials, and its 1500 literature e-items. It is really interesting but fairly advanced, so I have written to the Director of the project to get a Youth category…

Public Book Shelf is a free online library where you can sample and read romance novels online. The selection is quite large (because many books do contains some romance), but there are disrupting ads and you can only read online.

BookgluttonBook Glutton has quite a lot of free ebooks and you can listen to an electronic voice while reading. Here you can connect to groups and contribute. However, you will often get the “Pay now to see the rest” message. There are many other ebooks providers who will give away a few free titles but actually sell ebooks.

Do you know any other good sites?

One thought on “Free ebooks on your computer

  1. I just found LibriVox which provides free audiobooks from the public domain. You can also volunteer to read a chapter or two for Librivox. Check it out!

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