WEB 2.0 is about interacting with other users. Explore two great book sharing websites.

Library thingLibrarything is an online cataloguing tool. You can:

  • Catalogue your own library (up to 250 entries for free); Just type the title and retrieve the full record with good tags, first sentences, etc.
  • Check out who else likes the same books and what other books they like, great to choose your next read;
  • Get involved in a book discussion group

There is a very interesting Zeitgeist page which provides statistics showing the top books, top authors (Currently the top 10 are: J. K. Rowling, Stephen King, Terry Pratchett, J. R. R. Tolkien, Neil Gaiman, C. S. Lewis, William Shakespeare, Nora Roberts, Jane Austen, Agatha Christie, surprising no!), most reviewed books, etc. Good reads

Good Reads is less detailed but more friendly. It allows you to share book recommendations with your friends, find books from great lists, keep track of what you’ve read and what you’d like to read, or form a book club, answer book trivia, collect your favourite quotes…

Books and Internet are good friends!

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