Books nowadays come in various interesting formats and extensions.

Films are the most obvious ones, as many films scenarios are based on novels. The books are then published to tie-in with the film, swapping its original cover with the motion picture poster, sometimes even changing its title. Click here for a list of Books made into Movies. Read the book to compare!

Audiobooks have been successful and useful since the 1990’s. They greatly help the reading and understanding of books. Check out our selection in the AUDIOBOOKS MULTIMEDIA Book Computer (clipart)section.

Many authors now have a website and most series will have one too. You will find there authors’ interviews, books summary or extracts, character analysis, often games, screensavers or wallpaper to download, and so on…

Here is a selection to encourage boys to read: also (Charlie Higson’s Young Bond series)

Find a comprehensive list of New Zealand authors (includes their bio, their books and a link to their website) on

Now books also come in digital format to be read on your computer, on a special device or on your phone. They can associate a read-aloud version, some music and some videos. And some are free! Check out and where you can chat books while you read!

Books and Internet complete each other beautifully 😉

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