We’ve read in the Otago Daily Time – Monday, September 7, 2009, that “Library users are borrowing fewer books from Clutha district libraries“. That’s sad news, likely to be followed by libraries budgets reduction :(. Yet, everybody should keep reading and from libraries, it’s free ~well, when you do not get overdue fines!~

Instructions for New Zealanders, by Richard Wolfe (Auckland: Random House, 2006)“It is in the interest of every man to devote some portion of his spare time to the practise of reading and writing and the general improvement of his mind, for ignorance is an insuperable bar to promotion in the Police Force, as well as in all other services and walks of life.” I found this pearl while processing a new book for MACLIC Kiwiana section (306.4) called “Instructions for New Zealanders”, by Richard Wolfe. (Auckland: Random House, 2006. Maxims for the Police Force, Page 130).

It actually makes MACLIC performance all the more remarkable. Our students are reading more and we are so pleased and proud of them!

Drops correspond to holidays

Our strategy to foster reading is a school wide project. The library’s role is to create a reading fashion, with lots of marketing for MACLIC, books and the pleasure of reading. We do that with:

  • MACLIC corner in the school’s newsletter and notices
  • this blog 😉
  • Library and information literacy class sessions
  • Library and books events, encouraging participation
  • Library design to support learning and autonomous access to books and information
  • Frequent book displays, to make MACLIC an alive zing&bling place
  • Library House competition
  • Buying the books our students like
  • And smile 🙂 , which our town librarians do a lot too!

Other ideas welcome. Of course I am aware that it is much easier to get more students reading as it is to get the public because they are just here, we can talk to them, they see us and also have “compulsory” library times!

Let’s keep raising the library profile and be innovative to adapt to our teenagers’ needs! Vive la reading!

2 thoughts on “MACLIC use rises!

  1. This is brilliant news. I’m also very proud of the Mount Aspiring College library for its vision and enthusiasm.

    I reckon the regular reading for pleasure programme in classes at the school has had some impact on the library’s usage rates.

    Bring it on!

    Chris Waugh (HOD English)

  2. Thank you for your positive contributions. I totally agree that this success would not exist without the formidable support of the whole school and in particular the English Dpt.

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