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Activities and competitions are prolonged at MACLIC until Friday 21st August 09 .

My Favourite Book Poster Competition

To Win: iceblock vouchers for each valid entry, a TWILIGHT book and a CHERUB book to win for the best ones! Come to the library any time during two weeks. See details below.

Interactive display

Contribute to our colourful interactive display. Choose a genre form, write your favourite book title on it and choose a place to paste it on the library window.

book character Mufti day

 Friday 21th August: Your Favourite Book Character
$1 if you are dressed up ~ $2 if not

Also check out 

2 thoughts on “Library Week II @ MACLIC

  1. Dear Florence
    Do you have a copy of The 10 pm question by Kate de Goldi that JOshua Perry could borrow, he needs it urgently for a book report, as the one he got from the public library was recalled. Many thanks,Barbara Perry (on behalf of Josh).

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