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Activities and competitions are prolonged at MACLIC until Friday 21st August 09 .

My Favourite Book Poster Competition

To Win: iceblock vouchers for each valid entry, a TWILIGHT book and a CHERUB book to win for the best ones! Come to the library any time during two weeks. See details below.

Interactive display

Contribute to our colourful interactive display. Choose a genre form, write your favourite book title on it and choose a place to paste it on the library window.

book character Mufti day

 Friday 21th August: Your Favourite Book Character
$1 if you are dressed up ~ $2 if not

Also check out 

2 thoughts on “Library Week II @ MACLIC

  1. Dear Florence
    Do you have a copy of The 10 pm question by Kate de Goldi that JOshua Perry could borrow, he needs it urgently for a book report, as the one he got from the public library was recalled. Many thanks,Barbara Perry (on behalf of Josh).

  2. Hi Josh! (and Barbara)
    You are the FIRST student who leaves a comment on your library’s blog! Well done! You rock!
    So yes, I found a 10pm question textbook for you and I have reserved a library copy. It is a great feel-good book, I enjoyed it! And here is the link to it:

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