shelvesThis is your most FAQ. And you may have heard me answering: “Well, most of them ARE good books. What do YOU want to read?” So how to choose a good book for you?  

Define your interests: animal or war story? Hilarious or scary? Spies, detectives, monsters? Time travel? Diary? True story? Whatever you like, you can type the keyword/s on the OPAC computer and scroll the list of results to find one that please you.  

Check out book lists: from teachers, from book guides (find them in 011/R or on the top of the reference shelf), from, from libraries and bookseller shops, from various literacy organizations (on the Book List page), from magazines…

If you liked a book… check out Book Find links (on the right), or you could read a book by the same author, or with the same key-words, or you can read the book again.

Book recommendation: Ask friends, family, and teachers what books they’d recommend you, or what books they liked. 

From the shelves: look at the spines or the covers, does the title talks to you? Take the book, read the back cover, or the first words. 

Try out different kind of books, to see what appeals to you. Have fun! Reading is enjoyable and can open up a brand new world!

If you choose your book/s in another way, please share it with us!

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