The Library House Competition is ON again. Last year, as published in the College magazine page 11, Barker won 4 points, Pisa 3, Roy 2 and Iron 1.

The rules are:
– The number of books issued by each student add points to his or her House;
– The number of overdue days remove points;
– Books that are returned on the day of the issue are not included. Do not try to borrow a book and drop it off immediately. It does not count!

This competition has been organised:
– to encourage you to borrow more books (and to actually issue them, otherwise it is not counted)
– to encourage you to return your books on time
– to promote a whanau culture of managing books
– to add a cultural aspect to the house competition which is otherwise pretty much sportive.

First term results

– Barker is ahead already this year, with more books issued and less overdue penalties.
– Iron MUST borrow more books.
– Pisa borrows enough books but MUST improve its returns habits.
– Roy can improve both.

Next week, I will distribute overdue listings to whanau teachers. Make a point to return those books promptly, collectively. Thus you save penalties to your house AND you avoid the 50 cts invoicing fee.

4 thoughts on “Library House Competition Term One

  1. I wonder, do all the houses have the same number of students?

  2. Currently we have as follows:

    Barker 166
    Iron 162
    Pisa 166
    Roy 162

    During term 1, Barker was actually lower than the others until about week 7.

    Numbers do fluctuate when families and international students come and go but new students are slot in to the place which will balance things up as much as possible.

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