Put on the melody of “Mission impossible” in your head, and read on… We recommend this book to all medium level readers, who like adventure and spies stories.

What we really liked in “The Recruit”:
  • The hero does not know where he goes, nor what happens when CHERUB recruits him
  • The story could be real
  • It is quite deep
  • It is sometimes funny too
  • The illegal activities of the Mum are surprising

The down points of the book:

  • There was no strong climax
  • We are disturbed by the fact that the hero is not bad, not good, does he become good?
We should read the second book! We would like to find out:
  • What does Cherub stand for
  • The hero gets to use his computer skills, his maths abilities
  • What happened to his Mum, to him in the past

There could be a film or a video game made from the book.

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