New Fiction Books
Milad : the voyage to Ophir, by Anhar, Nazam -ANH
Whole truth, by Baldacci, David -BAL
Ender’s game, by Card, Orson Scott -CAR
Artemis Fowl : the Opal deception, by Colfer, Eoin -COL 770
Lionboy, by Corder, Zizou -COR
Aliens ate my homework, by Coville, Bruce -COV
Kin, by Dickinson, Peter-DIC
Bansi O’Hara and the bloodline prophecy, by Dougherty, John; De la Rue, James -DOU
Sword quest, by Fan, Nancy Yi -FAN
Swordbird, by Fan, Nancy Yi -FAN
Pirates galore, by Fleischman, Sid -FLE
Stone heart, by Fletcher, Charlie -FLE
Don’t kiss girls, by Flynn, Pat -FLY
Bumageddon : the final pongflict, by Griffiths, Andy -GRI
Bloodfever, by Higson, Charlie -HIG
Silverfin, by Higson, Charlie -HIG

The River Runs, by David Hill – HIL
Evil star, by Horowitz, Anthony -HOR
Mister Pip, by Jones, Lloyd-JON
Ruby key, by Lisle, Holly -LIS
Haunted city of gold, by MacKenzie, Jake -MAC
Naked and the Dead, by Mailer, Norman-MAI
Kristy and the walking disaster, by Martin, Ann M -MAR 650
Mad dogs, by Muchamore, Robert -MUC
Turing’s delirium, by Paz Soldan, Edmundo -PAZ
Golden Compass Audiobook, by Pullman, Philip -PUL /A
Contest, by Reilly, Matthew -REI
Beyond the deepwoods, by Stewart, Paul; Riddell, Chris -STE

Breezy Reads
ARE /B Halloween gotcha
ARE /B Bike daredevils
ARE /B Birthday party bedlam
ARE /B Space invaders

ARE /B Skateboard Dudes
ARE /B Pony club
BEA /B Annie and Mitch
HIL /B Between the lines
KET /B Doubles trouble
STO /B Dracula

New Knowledge Books
179.3 Animal Rights, Human Values, Social Action
503 /R Children’s science encyclopedia
507.8 100 amazing make-it-yourself science fair projects
551 A continent on the Move

551 Central Rocks: A guide to the geology and landscapes of Central
551.2 Volcanoes : the fiery mounts
574.92 Coral reefs
591 Watching wildlife
594 Collecting New Zealand sea-shells
598 Common and garden birds of New Zealand
612.6 Body image
613.8 Cannabis
622 New Zealand’s golden days
736 Pounamu : a stone of many uses
741.2 Drawing in perspective
791.4 New Zealand film-makers
796.35 Complete encyclopedia of golf techniques
808.3 Write your own adventure story
821 Another 100 New Zealand poems for children
829 Beowulf : dragonslayer
915.97 Vietnam : the people
916 South Africa : the people
918.6 Jamaica : the people
92 TOL Leo Tolstoy
940.54 New Zealanders of action in World War Two

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