Reading Festival!

21st May to the 8th June


Library House Competition in 2018

  • Favourite book poster competition

As usual, create a poster of your favourite book showing the title and author, an illustration and 3 keywords that describe the book. Return to the library (with your name and whanau) by 4pm, 8st  June 2018.

Each valid poster earns 1 mark for your house. The winning poster earns 3 marks and the runner up 2 marks. Book vouchers will be offered to the winner and runner-up.

  • Reading photography competition

Launched with success in 2017, the competition’s theme is photos which feature staff and students reading intently, happily, cosily to role-model reading. There are 3 categories:

    • Best photo
    • Most interesting location
    • Most people reading


    • Each whanau is invited to submit ONE photo in each category. Choose the best one!
    • The photos may be published so people featured must agree to their image being used online
    • There must be no harm done to the participants nor the books (or the photo will be disqualified!).
    • Photos must be of a publishable quality to qualify (eg. blurred, too dark or people not reading)
    • Each photo earns a mark. The winning photo in each category earns 3 marks; the runner-up in each category earns 2 marks.

Please email photos to by 4pm 1st June 2018. House Points will be announced the following week.

Stop Drop Read!

Every day in whanau during the Reading Fortnight: Spend 10 minutes reading. Everyone just opens a book -including the teacher- and dives into reading for 10 minutes. It has been identified as an effective activity to raise the profile and enjoyment of reading. It could be a book or a magazine, a cool article. Please not on electronic device as half the time would be spent checking that it IS reading.

Library activities

3-5 minutes activities are available in the library. Ask the librarian and have fun! Chocolate Fish for winners (during reading fortnight only)

Enjoy reading ~ Read what you enjoy!


Crime etc.

Come to the library to borrow up to four books to enjoy reading over the holidays.

Check out the Crime Display and get enthralled!
Crime display
​To continue in the genre, try one of these keywords in the catalogue:  Mystery, Crime, Psychological Thriller, Detective, Thriller, Suspense…

Happy Holiday Reading!

Awesome books

When you return a book you really enjoyed, drop it in the “Awesome Book” box sitting on the top of the return box at the entrance of the library.

The book will receive a Hovermark highlighting it on the shelves for other students to enjoy. If someone really liked it, chances are you will to 😉

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Visit the library if you…

Missed something in the newsletter?

The library holds a copy of the newsletters (in a yellow folder on the issue desk).

Want to check out the news?

Otago Daily Times are available for a quick read on the table behind the photocopier.

Lost?Friendly librarian

There is an updated college map on the library window
as well as the Study/ correspondence rooms.

Or ask your friendly librarian

MAC Library Collections

The Library offers:

  • 6000 fiction books for children and young adults
  • 5300 knowledge books, from personal development to biographies and to cover all curriculum areas
  • 1140 picture books, graphic novels and breezy reads (easy chapter books)
  • 141 audiobooks and documentaries

All these items above can be borrowed by the students for free.

The library also offers for use in the library (Not for Loan):
  • 50 magazine collections
  • 400 reference books, dictionaries, encyclopedias, atlases, Guinness books of records, etc.

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Welcome to 2018

The library is open Monday to Friday from 8.30 to 4.00.

You are welcome during intervals and lunch but please eat before you come as no food is allowed is the library.

You can borrow up to 4 books for 3 weeks.

Always record your loan at the Issue desk.

Please ask any question to your friendly librarian ☺

Value the peace in the library!

Book mustering time!

All books must be returned by the 22nd November,

All leavers and all Year 11 to 13 students must come to the library with their leavers or  clearance form.

What happen when you receive an email listing books?

Book return process

Any problem? Email or talk to the librarian

Storylines Story Tour visits MAC

A big thank you to Storylines, Children’s Literature Charitable Trust, who granted us a visit on Tuesday bringing 4 New Zealand authors and illustrators to our students, Des Hunt, barbara Else, Fifi Colston and illustrator Scott Tulloch.

All Year 7 and 8 students were invited to come and listen to these inspiring professionals. “How to unleash creativity” and “Work hard to follow your dreams” were the common central message of all these presentations.

A memorable event for students and teachers alike!